Long haul flight in 1m 3d,10h and 28m - not that Im counting!

I found this site through Twitter as I do have a fear of flying.  I have not had it all my life and actually used to get excited about flying.  For my honeymoon we flew to Bali and even had a fire on the flight - which resulted in the air stewardess sitting behind me with a fire extinguisher for 8 hours as a precaution , but this did not even put me off.

I have got worse since I have had children who are now 13 and 10 but try not to show them my fear as I do not want them to become also scared.  I will get on a flight and do attempt to go away every year - but I dread it every time.  I have to take medication and drink brandy to make me feel better which I know is not good.

I had hypnosis last year which did help slightly but when coming into land the plane 'dropped' slightly which make me feel bad again.

I hate turbulence and I think this is my problem - when those seat belt signs come on I dread it and get all worked up.  I know it is for my safety and I always watch the cabin crews faces etc but it does not help.

When flying back from Djerba we were told half way home we had emergency crews on standby as there was a problem with the plane - can you imagine my horror then seeing fire engines waiting for us on the runway!  But in some ways it did make my realise that they dealt with the problem at the time and landed the plane safely.

Anyway I am sorry for the long post and I know I am fortunate that I will fly and get on a plane but I am flying to Florida next month and I am getting worked up about the flight now which I normally don't.  I want to try and enjoy it but I know as soon as we hit any turbulence my mind will go into over drive and I know if cannot happen but I know that my biggest fear is the plane dropping and for those last few minutes how you will feel that we are going to die and what my children will feel.

Would love to hear from anyone else who feels similar with regards to once being able to fly and now cannot, then I know that I am not alone and would also love some help and advice for my pending flight - thanks for reading.

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Comment by Jim on September 24, 2013 at 11:35pm
Hi there,
It does seem to be a fairly common fear that once you've had children you get more nervous about flying. I don't know if it's just your natural day to day worries about your childrens safety going into overdrive because you are not in control of the plane! Welcome to the site anyway, you will find loads of information about turbulence and how to deal with this minor irritation. Jim


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