I think I managed to fly without many issues for a change!  Haven't posted for a while and I've done a good couple of trips since the last one.  The smaller ones were always Cork to manchester(UK), since I'd be visiting family.  Those turbo prop planes are hilariously terrifying on takeoff, especially when there's an irish pilot (I jest).  Either way, I think Aer Lingus are perpetually in a rush to get out of Cork airport, the last one I think left scorching tiremarks down the runway.  Most of the time on takeoff I'm terrified, then fine for the flight since it's so short.

The big one was Florida two months ago.  Flying out with my mom, dad and good friend was an uh...experience as I'm used to flying on my own.  When I fly on my own I can just grit my teeth and try to bear it.  My mom kept asking if I was okay the whole flight which just made it worse, but the flight itself was uneventful.  I felt more tired and fed up than stressed until we hit a pothole 30 mins before landing, enough to make me shriek once and lock myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to do some breathing exercises.

Five minutes is an improvement.

Anyway, the holiday was fantastic, and the trip back was one to test my nerves.  Thunder and lightning at the airport, I was torn- I love storms, but that was a bit much.  I remember getting on the plane, and then the next thing I remember was watching the flight tracker and thinking "huh two hours left."  I spoke to my dad, really confused.  Had they not done a safety briefing?  

Apparently I'd fallen asleep within minutes of sitting down, missed a 30 min wait on the tarmac, slept through the safety briefing AND take off.  My parents had to keep checking I was breathing, because it's been twenty years since I could last sleep on public transport of any kind.  The last two hours of the flight are vague, as I went back to dozing.  So in the end no horror story here, I think that I must have just relaxed myself enough to get over the hurdle and just outright fall asleep.  The advice on here is always amazing, and I'll check back in with an update in August when I get back from a vacation in Greece.

Thanks guys ♥

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Comment by Blitt on June 10, 2013 at 7:55am
Well done Kate! Love your story and how fantastic that you we able to sleep through most of your return journey. I have a flight coming up in several weeks and I am nervous but I am reading all the success stories on this site and reminding myself about the flights I made last year. Bev


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