I've actually has never been on a plane ever in my life I'm 25 and is starting to feel, that I need to go and find out what the experience is like, I never liked lifts because I was afraid of getting stuck in one, but one day I did it, u get that weird feeling in your stomach and when it stopped, feel all dizzy that's the bit I hate, but I eventually starting using a lift, now they don't bother me, so now I need to conquer my fear of flying, I'm slowly using stepping stones well I suppose I can say that, each time I conquer something I haven't done I say to myself great you have done it now, which makes me want to do it again! So I have started preparing myself with books cd's and dvd, each time I read or listen I feel more confident about flying, but then I start to think when I am on the plane, how am I going to react to the reality of it will I be more exited or will I become petrified with fear, I do hope I become exited, I thought that I could take the piece of paper out of the holiday brochure of the place that I'm going so I have something to focus on, something to look forward to, also to bring my fear of flying books and my ipod with the audio on just for that bit of reassurance, and I can listen to it when I'm feeling a bit fearful, I reckon ill be alright! Just lots of facts to put in my head, replace the negative with the positive. My friend sent me pictures of her plane, that she was getting on, the outside, the inside, and the window, it doesn't seem that bad! I was actually feeling exited about being on a plane, I'm hoping to book a holiday this year and fly next year, also I need to take my children on a plane before it becomes to late and they don't experiance being on a plane, I also want to go and visit my family who live in australia so there's anothere reason to get on a plane.

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Comment by Captain Keith on August 4, 2011 at 7:33pm


Great news well done Stacey



Comment by stacey chapman on August 4, 2011 at 2:56pm
i recieved my ground course notes & audio im reading through the notes now and i am feeling more and more reassured about flying
Comment by Captain Keith on July 18, 2011 at 6:04pm

Hi Stacey

Sounds to me as if you're doing everything you should be doing ....well done.


Ask me anything you like because I'm here to help you.




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