Following some advice from Keith about prioritising and de-stressing, I started making lists. It’s certainly cathartic, if nothing else. Lists of things to do are easy. Clean, pack, check documents, I can do all those with no stress. More problematic are the random worries and fears that I can’t find anything practical to do about. Still, why not try. Put them on a list where I can see them, and address them one by one.

List of worries.

1)      I’ll get shaken down for a bribe at passport control.

2)      I’ll be crying and shaking and maybe unable to board the plane.

3)      The plane won’t be able to take off or will crash on take-off.

4)      The weather will be really stormy and it’ll be really dangerous to fly through.

5)      It’ll be wet and windy in Heathrow and the plane will crash-land.

Answers to myself.

1)      Yes, you may be. Ukrainian passport officials are like that. But you’ve got all the right documentation so it’s much more unlikely.

2)      You’ve only actually cried once, and you’ve always got on the plane. It won’t be any different this time. Plus, you cried on the metro the other week. It’s not like anyone pointed or laughed.

3)      How many times have you watched the take-off video?! Could you learn any slower?!

4)      The weather forecast for tomorrow looks fine. Even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be dangerous.

5)      Wet and windy doesn’t equal crash landing. It’s ALWAYS miserable weather when you fly into Heathrow. And you always have that smug little thought as you walk away from the plane, ‘Ah, English weather, I have NOT missed you.’ You’ll have that exact same thought tomorrow evening. Don’t forget to pack a jumper.

So instead of thinking about that stuff, think about this stuff.

-          Seeing my family again.

-          Meeting old friends.

-          English food.

-          Pubs (cider!!!!)

-          BC Vietnam reunion :D :D :D


Now go and crack open the champagne with admin and close the school up for the summer!

I feel a bit better now :)

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Comment by Kate N Evans on July 22, 2012 at 1:51am

It was pretty decent flights for me for a change, and trust me when you get answers to the questions that drive you insane during flights it tends to help.   And since I managed to get into the flight deck (cockpit) and talk to the captain once we'd landed, it really helped too so maybe try and sneak a peek on your return flight!  It's definitely an experience.

And sleep well ♥

Comment by Sarah on July 22, 2012 at 1:48am


Comment by Sarah on July 22, 2012 at 1:48am

Actually one thought I had was, 'This is the last flight when I'll feel this bad,after next Saturday.' (No pressure, Keith!) I really hope it helps. I always have a lot of questions but when I'm nervous, I tend to clam up. That's why I like the forum!

Sounds like your flight was pretty intense (just read your post). Today the cabin crew weren't told to take their seats, although they did stop serving drinks, I think.

Anyway, well done on your flight. Hope you enjoyed Tokyo and other parts of Japan. And I hope you deal just as well with your next flight, wherever it's to.

I'm going to go and sleep of my semi-jet lag and brace myself for the reverse-culture-shock that will hit tomorrow.



Comment by Kate N Evans on July 22, 2012 at 1:35am

Gload to hear you made it!  One flight at a time for sure.   I reckon the woman was probably a bit nervous herself to be honest. 

I think it seems like the pilot changed the altitude though because if I remember right we only really feel the ascents and descents when they're steep, if it was a gentle one we probably wouldn't feel it.   That or it did get denied on grounds of that air corridor being in use.   My flight had some nifty turbulence on the way back yesterday too, I even heard the dreaded words "cabin crew take your seats", but it was the kind that was gone by the time they had taken their seats.   Pretty nerve wracking stuff, but I always try to tell myself it's uncomfortable and not dangerous.   Doesn't make it any less scary, but helps a little.

You'll have a blast on your ground course though.  I'd definitely go with a list of questions to ask whilst there ♥

Comment by Sarah on July 22, 2012 at 1:26am

Thanks, Kate.

So, I'm back in England. I survived.

I like watching flight attendants too. Couldn't see any during take off. The plane was really empty so I had a row to myself, but the woman accross the aisle kept looking at me. I'm not sure if it's because I was counting (not out loud, but moving my lips), looking scared, or if she was just looking for reassurance herself.

We had a bit of turbulence and the pilot told us he'd requested a change of altitude with ATC. I don't know if his request was granted, I didn't feel noticable climbing or descending and eventually the turbulence stopped.

Thanks for #6. I suppose it was a good flight as in nothing happened and we arrived safely. But I was so so scared. Still... ground course next weekend.

Comment by Kate N Evans on July 21, 2012 at 11:27pm

3)  The take off is always the one for me.  I sometimes find watching other passengers helps me calm a little, as none of them look worries.  If I can see a flight attendant, I always watch their faces as the nonchalant ho-hum this is every day makes me relax a little.

4)  Pilots don't fly through crap weather where they can help it, they probably hate turbulence as much as we do :D

5)Haha yeah always wet and windy in Heathrow.  But then again you should see Cork, Ireland.   Always the same 99% of the time.   At the end of the day though, if the weather is too bad they will just send you to a nearby airport, possibly gatwick or London City airports then arrange you transport to Heathrow :)  I've been diverted to Shannon airport a good few times now, and they always always make sure you get to where you originally paid to be.

6)  <---- I added this.    HAVE A GOOD ONE!

Comment by Captain Keith on July 20, 2012 at 8:48pm



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