My first flight was on a Hawker Siddeley 748, twin engine prop, from Gatwick to Beavais.  It turned out to be a gale of a weekend in November 1973.  We took off in lovely weather and climbed to 21,000 feet.  Over the channel we entered cloud and then the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.  Even the airstewardess, as they were called then, had to crawl along the floor.  And there was me looking on as if the whole thing was a normal day out.  Anyway we returned safely to UK.

My next flight was BEA Trident to Alicante the following August, the weeks leading up to it was ok, but I guess my ability to cope with the fear wasn't there.  It seems for the next 20 odd years every flight I took was horrendous.  It seems all my flights were by a Trident.

Anyway in 1991 I took the BA fear of flying course, on my own and passed with flying colours, no pun intended, well not much of one anyway.

From that time I flew ok, usually on my own.  Since I married the fear has come back, but not as much.

From 2007 I have flown, with my wife to Los Angeles (747), Egypt 737, Scotland 757/737, Airbus 319/320, The Gambia Airbus 320 Yes a 320, had to land for refuelling and took over 8 hours, New York 747, Jamaica 747, Faro 320 (several times), We are off to Faro again soon and in December to Australia, 6 flights in all by A380 sitting upstairs, A330, and other assorted planes.

I'm more nervous on Landing and turbulence, I have read and heard from many sources that turbulence is safe but uncomfortable, but the nerves are there.  I do the relax techniques and I believe I am ok with the flights in general. 

If anyone wishes to contact me then please do as I can go into more details of my flights and give assurances.

Thank you for reading.

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