On the 3rd of july i will be flying to south africa for my son's wedding.I am so terrified that when i think about it i hyperventilate and my heart beats so fast it's scary.I dont know what to do.I have thought about taking two sleeping tablets and sleep throughout.

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Hi Beauty

Get my Book it'll be the quickest route to getting a solution, watch all the videos on this site and play them over and over and over until you are bored...and see that your anxiety will reach a level and stay there it won't get worse. Face it and find out.

Here's the link for the book

Captain Keith
Hi again Beauty

Have a look at this message which was posted today.

Captain Keith
I am doing the same flight as you on the 17th July and myself am getting more and more nervous. Trying my best to tell myself I can do it. We'll all stick together and get eachother there.

Hi Sarah you flight is the day before our next course so I'll be thinking of you...is there anything I can answer now for you?


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