Im only two weeks to go until my flight. I'll admit I have been great until now, but the nerves are slowly but surely creeping back in :o(

I just keep imagining the worst.....and it's very strange..I was thinking today about how when people on this website share their fears about going on their flights, I am always so positive and i KNOW nothing will happen on any of your flights.....So why when it comes to me going on a flight do I think the worst??

i just hope I manage to calm down before the flight itself.


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Because you're a human being and because you're anxious about flying.

Here's what you must do.

Number 1 Put an elastic band on your wrist and 'ping' it each time you have an unhelpful thought about flying.
Number 2 Stay in the present...DO NOT think about the flight...think about now.
Number 3 Learn some deep breathing and relaxation exercises and practice them everyday...everyday..not just now and then but everyday until you can go into them without thinking.

Staying in the present means that you won't be building up your anxiety levels so when the day comes to fly, you'll have the energy to fight off unhelpful thoughts. You must prepare for your flight by being fit in mind and body...not exhausted or anxious because of worrying.

Have you got our in flight Guide?
Hi Claire

Obviously I agree with everything Keith has said. Staying in the present really helps and i understand where you are coming from regarding being positive helping other people but being anxious yourself, but when I posted a similar question Keith replied explaining that when we give good advice to others it registers in uor own subconcious so we hear it the loudest.

I had never flown before I found this site, I was even uncomfortable in airports but, 19 months and 4 short flights later (which were not great!) I went to Australia to visit my daughter and grand children. I'm not going to lie to you and say it was all fabulous and I wasnt anxious because naturally I was, before I boarded the first plane I was absolutly inside out....

Things that helped me............

Realise that what you are feeling now is only 'anticipatory anxiety' i.e. the build's your safety mechanism telling you to stay at home because that is your 'comfort zone'

Take one day at a time...........I got it into my head that I would only think of the next thing then the next then the next i.e. the day of departure I only thought of getting to the airport, then check in, then security etc etc.......that way you are not swamping your head with too much.

Make sure you are organized re your paperwork, I had several envelopes with passport, insurance papers, hotel reservation details etc etc, I kept mine in a shoulder bag so I had easy access to them.

Take some comforting things, posh magazines, cosy socks, favorite sweets etc.

TELL the cabin crew you are anxious, they were great with me, especially when I got on that first plane.

We KNOW flying is the safest form of transport, but as anxious flyers we can't convince our

This is what I posted when I got back from OZ..........please read it and I hope it helps you to realise that we are much much stronger than we think we are.

Phoebe x
Hi Keith & Phoebe,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to get back to me.

Yes Keith, I have the in flight guide, but I haven't read it as yet...I have however read your book which was fantastic, I shall be taking it with me when I go on holiday!!

I also have your CD's which I am going to upload onto my Ipod so I can listen to it also.

Wow Phoebe, what a story. When I was reading it I actually think I was going through all those emotions with you. I am absolutely terrified of take off and turbulence, so I think I'm very much like you in that sense.

I go a week today, and today Im feeling nerves. Although yesterday I felt alot better. I've noticed that I fluctuate from feeling okay about it, to being flat out terrified.

I plan on having lunch and a few glasses of wine before I fly out so hopefully that will help me feel at ease.

Claire x
Hi Claire

You are definatly on the right track with the CD's and book it certainly normalised things for me !!

I was exactly like you are now one day I would feel like 'I can do this no problem' then other days I was quivering wreck but remember, IT IS ONLY ANTICIPATORY ANXIETY and as soon as you get on that plane it will go. If you feel like you want a couple glasses of wine then have them, whatever makes you comfortable :)

If you would like a 'texty' friend when you are at the airport just send me a message and I will give you my number. Keep thinking about your holiday rather than the flight..easy to say I know..but lets face it the flight is only a means of getting you there right?.

Keep practising your deep breathing, in slowly through the nose and out slowly through the mouth the more you practice it the easier it will be to do it on the day if you need to.

If I can help you with anything else just let me know. We are here for you Claire, stay strong and above all stay positive, remember you are much much stronger than you think you are :)

Phoebe x
Hi Claire

Just wanted to check in to see how you are doing.

Remember stay in the present. I am a Reiki practitioner and one of our mantra's which I love is "there's no point worrying about the past because it's gone, and there's no point in worrying about the future because it hasn't happened yet"..............really appropriate for us I think :)

Stay strong and positive

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe,

I am hanging in there. Haven't been feeling well with the cold the past couple of days.

Has taken my mind off the flight on Friday mind you :o)

I really like your mantra....I think I should adopt it. I always worry about things that haven't happened yet.

In a way, I just want Friday to come and go, so I've done it and i'm on holiday!!

Thankyou so much for your does really help :o)

Claire x
Hi Claire

No probs :) Sorry to hear you haven't been well, I'm in that boat myself at the mo :(

I know how important the support is, hand on heart I know I would never have got to Australia without it.

Not long to go now so hang in, Friday is just a blink of an eye away. Keep practising your deep breathing it really will help when you are at the airport. Adopt the mantra by all means, I have to say I don't always practice it myself when it comes to flying....!!!!! so I have to keep reminding myself to use it :)

I'm here if you need me, and like I said stay strong and above all positive that you are strong and you CAN do it. I could do with a holiday myself, any chance of smuggling away in your

Phoebe x

If you'd like to chat don't hesitate to ring me...01420 588 628...I'm always rushing around somewhere but you can leave a message if I'm out and I'll call you back

And he's got a lovely telephone

But seriously do take Keith up on it if you need to :)

Phoebe x
Phoebe, providing you remember about the time difference beween the U.K and the country you are arriving in when travelling and not disturb his beauty sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my flight is tomorrow!!

Feeling slightly anxious. Was thinking that I might record the take off on my digital camera to take my mind off things.

Hopefully that helps...I usually relax once air hostess's are up and about and seatbelt signs are switched off!!

Claire x
Hi Claire

Oooooo off on your jolly's...

That's a good idea to record the take off, it will distract you. Setting up my new super duper laptop is taking my mind off how crap this one

But seriously I DO know how you feel, just remember it's no good worrying about the future because it hasn't happened yet...and one step at a time to keep your mind focused.

Looking forward to reading your post when you get back. You can make us all jealous.....haha

Have a great holiday

((Hugs ))to keep you strong and positive...remember you CAN do this :)

Phoebe x

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