Im only two weeks to go until my flight. I'll admit I have been great until now, but the nerves are slowly but surely creeping back in :o(

I just keep imagining the worst.....and it's very strange..I was thinking today about how when people on this website share their fears about going on their flights, I am always so positive and i KNOW nothing will happen on any of your flights.....So why when it comes to me going on a flight do I think the worst??

i just hope I manage to calm down before the flight itself.


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Thanks so much really are keeping me going lol :o)

I am definately going to try and record the takeoff...then I can upload it on here for everyone to see when I get back.

I will hopefully have a fantastic holiday...and I can't wait to tell everyone all about it!! :D

Claire x
That's the spirit....:)

Bon Voyage.........

Phoebe x
Good on you Claire.

We get thousands of hits on this network your film may be the next youtube hit. I hope so anyway.

Well guys....

Thats me back....and let me tell you!!

I am sooooo proud of myself :o)

I am not saying I wasn't in the least bit apprehensive (because I was), but I coped so much better than I could have ever have imagined.

Thankyou so much for your support Phoebe and Keith, and also a very big thankyou to Keith as I took your book onboard with me and I had a wee read at it every now and then.

I think one of the big things for me was filming the takeoff from my digital camera. It really took my mind off things and meant I was concentrating on my camera rather than the fear. I am going to upload the film of it but need to get mums hubby to sort it for me!!!

Coming back I was that little bit more nervous as we took off through a thunder and lightning storm. It was very bumpy and at one point for maybe around 2-3 seconds I felt as though the g-force was tremendous (it probably wasn't though) and felt a little dizzy. I figured it was because the pilot was ascending a little more than normal to clear thunder and lightning storm.

When it was very bumpy, I kept telling myself that "turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous". This helped me. I kept telling my fiance and my mum (who was a little upset by this point) the mantra and I don't think they could quite believe it was me sitting there being the calm one reassuring them lol

I also flew Ryanair and I booked priority boarding. As you may know you are not allocated seats so by doing this I was one of the first on the plane which meant I could choose my seat. I chose just beside the wings because for whatever reason thats where I feel safest. I also watched the wings. It was quite good because when it was turbulent and it felt really bad, I was reassured to look at the wings to see they werent moving that much and we were still flying in the air. Before, I would panic if I couldn't see what was happening.

A good learning experience for me was on the landing going into Malaga airport, my mum was terrified when we actually touched down, it was a bit hard but didn't bother me in the slightest. I am one of these people that love landing because it means I'm down, but my mum feared this. It just goes to show that something which doesn't frighten me atall and I consider totally normal, someone else was petrified at it. It just goes to show that everyone has fears which can be irrational. Like my fear of flying, other people might think that the things I fear are totally normal.

I can't say I am no longer afraid of flying, howeverI can say that I feel better equipped to deal with my fear thanks to the support offered by this website and of course the book and cd's by Keith and Jasper (whom by the way has the voice of an angel he he)

I will certainly be sticking with this forum and will gear myself up again as I have booked my honeymoon to Mexico for August 2010.

Thanks again Keith and Phoebe.....your support in the couple of weeks leading up to my holiday was really good and is very much apreciated.

P.s. Watch this space for my mini movie of the plane taking off :o)

Claire x
Hi Claire

How does it feel?

Our heartiest congratulations, I really gope that you'll stay with us to encourage others. Fantastic. Looking forward to the film of the take off.

It feels great!! :o)

I still can't believe how good I was....quite calm. And it's all thanks to this website....I'll be going nowhere fast, I'm here to stay :D

I've uploaded the videos, just waiting on them being accepted now.

Hope you enjoy

Hi ClaireFANTASTIC................I know exactly how you feel and rightly so.I'm pleased your staying around because I have my trip to Australia coming up in December...!!!The first time I went to Australia I was  so scared that I wouldnt be able to make it I couldnt make any plans for when I got there but this time, even though I am still very scared, I feel like I can at least think about it, because you have coped with this flight so much better you will look forward to your honeymoon so much more. I dont really look good in wedding hats but might get away with a joking.I am soooooo happy for you :)Phoebe x
Thanks so much Phoebe....I will be there for you like you were there for me.

Have you seen my take off videos? They are really good to watch lol

If I do say so myself he he :o)

Claire x
Hi Claire

I havnt seen the video, how do I get the link?

Phoebe x
If you click on the link on the top of the page which says "videos".

Once you go in it should be on "all videos" and it is the most recent 2 videos. They are entitled "Takeoff Malaga" and "Takeoff Glasgow Prestwick". The Glasgow prestwick one is better I think as it is lighter.

Or failing that, you can go into my page and view the videos I have uploaded from there!!

Any propbs let me know

Claire xXx
Claire, I so identify with what you are saying...all my friends fly all the time, some are stewardesses so its daily and I never ever worry....yet if I have to fly my mind tells me the strangest things...there is a chance I might be flying out to Morroco on about short notice...and I am in a complete state already thinking the worst. We must try to tell ourselves what we woud tell each other and remember the facts and statistics and the breathing...I think we fear the panic aswell, its so unpleasant and you feel so utterly alone and helpless. I always think once I am on the aeroplane the worry and nerves are less than all the terror I put myself through in the weeks before! Thinking of you masses of luck, it will be fine!!! :)

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