Hello All,
I'm a long time viewer of this blog, attended one of Keith's courses, read the book, even appeared in the video!
Since my journey began into overcoming my fear, I've done so many things I never thought I would so. Lovely holidays in the sun to places like Portugal, Canary Isles, Croatia. City breaks to Paris, Barcelona, Budapest. Ski trips to Austria..

Now, its time for the big one, my bucket list holiday. I've booked a week in New York at the end of April. I am so excited I cant explain! I've got no fears at the moment, just pure excitement that I feel I am ready to fly Atlantic. I've got a list the length of my arms of places I want to see and things to do whilst I am there.

I know I haven't actually stepped foot onto the plane yet, but I feel so chuffed with myself that I've got this far.

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you too can achieve your goal this year

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Hi Jim

Well done you! You will love New York, its a great place.

Isn't it wonderful when you can start to travel. I like you have been to many places since being helped by Keith. Croatia is on my list for next year. I have gone from dreading when my husband mentioned flying to now flying 3 times a year.

However....i am always broke now :-)

Hi Jim,

Congratulations . You have done so well since Keith's seminar in Winchester back in 2005. Hope you have a great time in New York.

I returned from Thailand on Feb 24th 6 flights in all . It was an adventure because I was out in Thailand volunteering  with a charity and was teaching in a refugee camp on the Thai/Myanmar border. Then we had a few days in Hua Hin to relax before we flew home.

I love the A380 aircraft flying with Emirates and even in "cattle class " it feels roomy. You must have clocked up several take offs  With the recent trip I have completed 71 take offs .

Enjoy your trip.

best wishes,


Thank you both.
Croatia was lovely, we stayed in Dubrovnik and had a fabulous week.

I'm actually Austria at the moment. On a skiing holiday! Another expense I've got Keith to thank for :)

I'm at 51 flights now Elizabeth so I'm well behind you! I was on 2 when we went on Keith's course so not bad going!

Volunteering in Thailand sounds fabulous. Isn't it funny to think that Keiths course can have such an impact on people's lives, that the kids in Thailand are benefiting from not only your skills but his contribution in getting you there!
So the day has nearly arrived. Flying at 11am tomorrow and the overwhelming emotion is EXCITEMENT! This is something I've waited the whole of my life to do and I'm going to enjoy every moment.

Woo hoo,

Well I am back, safe and sound after a fantastic week in New York. What a fantastic place, what a week.

I cant really report much on the flying, as there isn't much too say. It was all so smooth, effortless, no panicking, I never got past a 2/10 on the scale of fear at any stage of either flight. I'd go as far to say I enjoyed the flights. Whilst I've done quite a few short hauls over the past few years, I'd never experienced the treats of long haul! Having someone serve you food and drinks whilst I sat on my butt watching movies! What is there not too like?

I cant believe how far I have come and its all down to Captain Keiths Course and the resources available such as the book, cd and this forum.

I need to start booking my next trip now!


Excellent Jim. Where to next? The world is your oyster now.

Personally now  I prefer long haul to short haul  - much bigger aircraft, two walkways , screen to watch films, play games food served etc. as you say.

many congratulations you have come so far from 2005 flying course in Winchester when we were videoed for Keith's DVD  

Thanks Elizabeth.

Not sure where to go to next, also go the the small matter of I've had 2 holidays this year!

I agree about long haul flights, I'll need to start googling what destinations you can go to on bigger aircraft!

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