I flew to Boston from Heathrow last week for a ski trip in Vermont. Original flights were cancelled due to snow but managed to re-book a later evening flight. Flight was due to leave at 7.30pm, but we sat in the plane on the tarmac for 5 HOURS, waiting to get the wings de-iced! Later found out the delay was also due to bomb alert and closing of all but one runway.

Anxiety would normally have been at critical levels for me, but thanks to this website and knowledge that I'm not alone with my fears helped me enormously.

While in the States, it was the anniversary of the flight crashing into the Hudson River - due to ice build up on the wings!! A TV programme about it said great advances had been made in de-icing of planes as a result so tried to remember that.

Had great skiing then back to London in a bumpy flight. I kept saying the mantra, 'turbulence is uncomfortable, but not dangerous' (heard this on the pod casts I downloaded of this site) and it really helped me through. We had the very back seats on the plane (a 777) which are just a two-some - the only seats not in a group of three, so felt less trapped in and this also helped a lot.

Feel very pleased with myself for keeping calm and - dare I say it - even enjoyed the flight a bit!! I even took one shoe off! I usually can't remove my shoes as I feel vulnerable and unprepared if we go down (!)

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Great stuff Banjo Gill you must be feeling very proud of yourself. My heartiest congratulations.

Captain Keith
Good for you! Those sound like super stressful flights, so really well done for being so cool about it all. the 'turbulence uncomfortable, not dangerous' mantra works for me too :)
I always take off my shoes on flights - I feel as if it means less chance of DVT - unfortunately for the poor people next to me who have to put up with my smelly socks :)

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