911 post traumatic stress and havent flown since. need help :o(

Hi everyone, This website is amazing, I already feel some of my anxiety lifted from just reading the different topics and facts. Well here's my story. I was sleeping on september 11th when my father woke me up in a panic that a plane had hit the trade center so I ran to watch the news with him. (He works in a nearby building and he had taken off that day). I watched thinking it was an accident as the other plane came across the screen to hit the other one. Looking back I believe that it where my panic and anxiety comes from, that moment. As everybody was, I was glued to the news for the next couple months living in fear. Watching this event live on tv along with being from NY has truly disturbed me, it has been 11 years since then and my anxiety shows itself in my dreams. I often dream of catastrophic events. I am also panicked by low flying planes. and any person who I irrationally categorize as a "terrorist" in a crowded place. 

So my dilemma is that I have avoided flying for so long. Only vacationing locally or taking cruises. Mu husband really wants to go the carribbean and the guilt that I have is tremendous. I do not want him to resent me or for me to hold him back in his life. So I agreed to fly. Booked the flight and have 45 days to go. (this was 2 days ago) Yesterday my panic set in. Everything that I always feared came out in a crying episode. I listed all of my fears, the biggest being terrorism then mechanical problems, and so on and so on. I told my husband that the only way I will go is to be highly medicated. He does not agree at all. He believes that I can fight this and that I am stronger then my anxiety. after a long argument I am taking the steps to deal with this "drug free". to conquer my fears with a variety of therapies. My fear is that these therapies and training will help me up until the flight and then I will be in panic mode on the plane with no escape.

I have watched a bunch of relaxation technique videos etc and they defintely help but I am still pretty scared. HELP!!!!


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Stick with us and you'll get on that holiday ...like so many other fearful flyers on this community.

Captain Keith


There is always a trigger for fear!  You just happen to know what yours is - I don't know what mine is other than not wanting to get on a plane and die!! but there is absolutely no evidence to support this!!  43-ish days is long enough to make a start on your fear - do not expect it to go away overnight, by magic or even entirely.  What we do here is find mechanisms to manage your thoughts - which are the only things that are controlling your fear right now! 

I feel I have come sooooo far with the help of this site and Keith, managed to go on holiday last year prescription medication/alcohol free - I didn't enjoy it but I did it! and only this week was thinking about holidays again this year.....UNHEARD OF!!!  However last night I woke up in the middle of the night dreaming I was on a flight and in a panic - why? because my husband is flying to Stuttgart on Monday.  He has no problem flying so why am I worried?  I didn't realise I was but flying has been brought into my thoughts and they are taking over.  This is when "I" take control which is all that is required but the tools have to be available to do that - this is where you will get them.


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