I am back to share with you my not very nice return flight to Romania.


We left in a nice trip till Madrid by car and enjoyed a day before going in the plane.We had a morning flight so the only good thing about it, was the sunrise. I went in the plane and felt good about me beeing able to go in it without having stomach problems.. of course i was nervous about it but not to much. Preparing to take off i was still able to smile, but when take off came i was not smilling anymore.. to be honest i was terrified... For the next hour my husband did not feel his left arm as i had it trapped.. i was calming myself down in my head and did not say a word out loud for 2 hours. I did not eat, drink or move.. i just wated for the time to fly...and get offf it. After the first 2 hours of flying (1 and a half more left) i could speak.. but believe me the 2 first hours seemed ages..Finally i got to the destination safely despite all my horrible thoughts...The landing was nive and smooth so i was happy to be in holydays and be home..


The next 10 days flu away as usual when you are in vacation. We had a busy vacation so by the time we were coming to the Bucharest airport we were tired.


I was calmer to go in the plane.this time..and again we had a day flight so the view was fantastic ....but i wasnt..


The take off again was not at all nice for me... i honestly honestly hated it.

The first two hours despite it was a fantastic flight and the weather was gorgeous i was frightened to the maximum limits. The plane did not move at all in the first 2 hours... it was the smoothest flight ive been on....but just the FIRST 2 hours... then..

Going above France started to be different...we had few turbulences that made my heart froze and again my husbands hand feel pain..despite trying to tell myself "Turbulences are unpleasant but not dangerous" i was terrified.

The turbulences continued but not very bad..going to Malaga and starting to go down it was Horrible. I could feel the plane going down very fast and my ears were painfull and my head was killing me.. the bad part started.. we went in the clouds and the movement were unbearable. It was the most horrible landing in my life... the wind was really strong and the plane was horribly shaking...

I knew the pilot knows what hes doing but ... most frightening part was at the end..  when i saw my husband with a frightened face....


I went of the plane disappointed of myself.


I did it.. thats true but...i said i will never go again.....


Im sorry i dont have a nice and funny story to share with you.


Have a nice day and be strong.






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Hi Anca


Firstly, well done on having the courage to come on here and share with us your story. But please remember that this is not the end - just a little hiccup. What felt really bad at the time is all in a day's flying for the crew. If it wasn't possible to fly safely in those conditions, they just wouldn't do it.


I don't want this to sound flippant. I have been where you are. Only recently I had a really bumpy flight from Edinburgh.  We even aborted the first take-off atttempt because of a "technical problem." But I kept reminding myself of all the safety checks and double checks that are done to make sure we can fly safely. If I had experienced this flight a couple of years ago, I would have felt like you. I would have got off that plane and said "Never Again." But now I have the knowledge that helps me rationalise situations like this. That knowledge is backed up by all the positive support and information provided by everyone on this site and Captain Keith aand his team.


Remember Anca, you are not alone in this process - we are in it together, just all at different stages. You WILL get there. We all will. It just takes time and lots of support.


Good luck and well done.






This is a brilliant story of success. STOP STOP beating yourself up...what do you expect of yourself...this is a wonderful achievement...why do you feel the way you do and why do you feel disappointed.


You have every reason to feel on top of the world with this trip  because YOU DID IT  and thi scan be the start of overcoming your fear if you let it.  If you see this as aeven a slight failure then you are going to make things worse.


THIS WAS A SUCCESS. This is the start of overcoming your fear if you allow it to be ...if you don't then you will be adding to your fear.


The choice is yours  Success or failure...what was this ?



Hi Anca,

I understand what you say exactly.  When I fly with my husband, I grip his hand so tightly, it cuts off his blood supply.  I hate taking off and am ok with landing because I know I have arrived.  All these thoughts are irrational but it doesn't alter the fact that we are nervous and frightened and these feelings come out physically in our bodies with headaches, panic attacks etc etc.  KEEP ON GOING.  YOU HAVE DONE IT AND YOU WILL DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. Just know that you are not alone and that we are all here to support you.


Still me,


After ive been down with a lot of thoughts that i cannot do it anymore.. i read the comments and makes me feel really good.


Hopefully i will do it again one day but for the moment i need a break and force to start again fighting with my fear.


Thank you very much for the nice words and i know i am not alone:)

Good luck to all of you.





I am sure i will take another one:) i am stronger:)

What makes me strong are the nice words from all of you.

I really appreciate it.

Have a lovely day and Thank you.


Be strong and as I always say to myself... I CAN DO IT:) You can do as well.:)


Enjoy and let us know the details of your trip.!!


Have a lovely trip,


Be strong!!


Dont think about the plane, i know it is easy to say, but think about the nice things in your life.


I wish you all the best, and 2 hours is nothing:)


I flew 4 h to my country and by car is 3 days so i did not have much choice:))).


Enjoy the lovely weekend:)

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