Hello all,

 Keith, are there any noticeable differences between Airbuses and Boeings, other than seating arrangements? Like a difference in safety?   I'm flying on an Airbus 330 next month and am apprehensive because of the media, etc...I know it's silly as lots of planes are Airbuses, but would still like to hear it from you.


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Hi Annie

No there's no difference in the planes however there is one guy involved with fear of flying who seems to think that Boeing get nothing wrong and Airbus get nothing right, but that's because he comes from where Boeings are manufactured.

I flew Lockhead and Boeing aircraft and I loved them. My friends who fly the Airbus tell me that there's nothing quite like an Airbus.

What else can I say...they're all subjected to very strict testing and if there were anything wrong then they wouldn't be allowed to carry passengers.


Thanks Keith, that's good to know.  I think it kind of freaked me out because I believe the AirFrance crash was an Airbus, was it not?

Yes it was but that was thousands and thousands and thousands of flights ago.


Yea, I know, but well...part of me thought maybe there was something specific about the Airbus that made it more vulnerable. That's entirely false, then?

Yup sure is


Thanks, Keith! 

I'm flying from Sao Paulo to Miami on an Airbus 330 next month, 8.5 hours...I'm nervous but also excited as I'm going to visit friends! 



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