I want to go on a short flight for the weekend to Amsterdam, in oct,/nov I've never flown, but I need to experience getting on a plane, as in 2017, I have a trip to mexico for a wedding and I cant do a 9 hour flight for my first flight I feel that would be too much to take, especially that I have children and need to conquer my fear as I don't want to pass this on to my children, and want them to experience the world.

how did people feel on their first flight? what made you feel more at ease?

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Hi again Stacey

Most people discover their flight turns out to be less worrying than they first imagine.

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Captain Keith

If you have never flown, a short flight won't be any different from a long haul. In fact Amsterdam is so short it is like getting a bus! An a massive confusing circular airport! :) Mexico is 11 hours, you may feel apprehensive about take off and landing but you can sleep through most of it. Get captain Keith's books etc on the bits you're apprehensive about: there is no need to book the short flight. Mexico is a lovely relaxing flight, book extra legroom if you can and enjoy the films! It's a holiday have a glass of wine and relax :) xx
And try and feel excited. Excited is how you should feel on a first flight! Excited and then relaxed x

Hi Stacey,

In my own battle ( and triumph I should add) against the fear of flying I built up my flight times in stages pushing myself to go further and further. 

If you think it would help you stem any anxiety you have about flying its a no lose situation! Although I fully agree with Chrissy, Amsterdam is too near!  I Flew Birmingham to Amsterdam with KLM and the actual flight lasted 40 mins maximum.

Maybe a nice city break to Barcelona or Madrid would be a better experience as its more like 1.5 to 2 hours flying.

Good Luck!

I would watch and listen to all the videos etc on Keith's website to familiarize yourself with all the many noises one experiences when flying .It depends what you are fearful of- is it the fact it is your first ever flight that concerns you -What has helped me the most  - information from Captain  Keith.

Like Jim I have come a long way over the last years -flying on larger aircraft on longer hours of flight you have films to watch and consoles with games to play with, you can move about more and walk about  once the seatbelt sign is off, there are drinks breaks and more meals to distract you. I would suggest you take a flight to somewhere in Europe to get you used to the sensations of flying if you would feel happier. before your long flight to Mexico. 

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