Hy to all, hope everyone is doing great!!


My story short, last flight i did was in february this year, going from Spain(Malaga) home(Romania) which is like 4h flight.

I did it but i was very dissapointed with myself... i have to be honest, first words after landing were... "I'll never do it again."

Of course as the main transportation in our days is the plane i got face to face again with flying....

My plan is to go back to study, I am looking into a university of psichology in UK but i am stopped by the fact that i cannot fly for the exams.....

I am trying to do it in Spanish to avoid flying, but in Spanish i am not so confident...so i am again back to be disapponited of myself.

I am facing almost daily with the feeling that i cannot do it... when my husband is talking about vacation destinations and i have to say.... "Yes, you go! I can't".

I am very happy to read the posts on the forum with the people who "Made it!!".. I am very proud of all of you and i hope i can do this again.....


I am telling myself.. JUST GO!! but really.. really..I dont know...


Just wanted to share this with you all:)


Be good, be strong and fly!!!





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I hope you haven't given up!

Just keep on trying...do the things that worked for you...it's going to take a long time sure, but that's just the way it is for you. We'll continue supporting you in any way we can




I understand the feeling of being limited in life, it is not nice.  But it is just that which I am using as the biggest motivation to feel good about flying.  The books and CD's do take away a lot of the anxiety, after that its plain claustrophobia i deal with, but this is not a untreatable problem!  Flying can be freedom! Maybe if you narrow down what it is that makes you feel bd about flying and approach from there.  As many here have proven, you can do it!

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