Does anyone ever find this?

It always seems to me that for the few days/weeks/months leading to a flight, are always worse than the flight themselves.  When i firsted started trying to conquer the fear, it was about 1-2months prior before the sheer dread kicked in.  Then as it progressed, it was about 2weeks.  Now I think I have it down to about 3-4days prior.  Each time, i just keep hoping that on the day I am going to either not care and just do it, or want to see what happens and do it.

I have a long flight on thursday to san diego for a business trip (3flights in one day) and the nerves have been pretty bad this time, but I just keep hoping that it all going to be good on thursday. This is like my fourth trip this year, and I guess the actual flight count is in double figures. The weird thing is that usually I actually enjoy the flights once i get going - almost a relief. I have almost started to think i dont have a fear of flying anymore - more a fear of ...... To be honest i dont know what.  My wife says I worry about worrying about it - I say I worry about not worrying about it.  Hoping to one day in the not too distant future, just not worry.  In the immortal words of a sports brand, "just do it".

Anyone, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, or words of wisdom.


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Hi Phil,

"Just do it!"
If you thought really deeply about all the dangers that lurk "outside" in the big outside world one would be inclined to stay cocooned in bed and do nothing- (except the bedroom ceiling might fall down on you).
Allow yourself a few minutes every day to "worry" then get on with your life.Tell yourself O K I may feel worried , that's how I am BUT I Can handle it and it is not going to stop me flying to San Diego. The pre flight anticipatory anxiety is usually worse than any person's experience of the actual flight itself-as most folk on this forum would testify.
Enjoy your flights, Elizabeth
love it elizabeth.

i guess sometimes it is the 'just do it' bit that is the hardest. But then again, that is how most of life is, i just do it. Cant remember the last time i got in my car and had a large wobble about it. Guess i dont have a fear of driving, though i suppose in theory, it would be safer to fear driving than flying. If that makes sense.

2 more nights to go then it is game day. just sometimes wish I didnt think in that manner. If i could just get past that blockage then I might just get this beat. And lo and behold, as we all know, the only way to get past this is to just do it. You reckon the sporting brand might complain if we steal their logo for this webpage?

I hope i enjoy the flights too. Or at least dont mind it too much.
Hi Phil,

I just came back from China from Canada (13 plus hour flights). I had anxiety everyday before my flight to China. A typhoon was going to hit where I was going and I was watching the weather broadcast of it as I was in the waiting lounge of the airport talk about stress/anxiety. I was taking anxiety pills for about 1 month before the flight but once I got on the plane, the anxiety was gone. I didn't feel claustrophobic in the plane like I thought I would and the turbulence was minimal. I just plugged into my itouch and listened to some music and watched the movies and before I knew it I arrived safely in China. That flight experience eliminated my pre-stress for my return trip and I had no problem on the flight home.

Not to worry Phil. It really is just pre-flight jitters. You will be fine.
hey carlyn
typhoon eh? guess that means i should stop worrying a bit about the high winds predicted for tonight. Woke up this morning and thought, dam wish i was flying today - not a cloud in the sky. Then saw weather report, and really wished i had flown today more. Might be a bit bumpier till we get outside Uk, but I guess, as Keith would say, stop trying to fly the plane, and leave it up to the professionals.

You have done it before, which proves that YOU CAN DO IT! Sometimes we feel that the times we have done it, we've been "lucky" and that we're tempting fate. But, that is just our negative thinking - it's natural to feel a bit nervous, but you must remind yourself that nothing bad happened to you, you said you actually enjoyed the flights, and you handled it beautifully! Feel some pride, you deserve it! Sometimes the fear is that "something" will happen to prove our fears right - but, again, that's just that old negative voice on one shoulder, listen to the positive voice on your other shoulder - YOU'VE DONE IT - YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!!

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