Hi Everyone

There was an article in the Daily Mail recently on a flight from Singapore to London which encountered turbulence and left 11 people injured. You can read it here if you are interested.

Since reading it, I've become very anxious about my flight to UK at the end of June. I'm still trying to process the information and would appreciate any advice on dealing with my anxiety. 

My husband was on the same flight but took it one day later and he said the flight was slightly bumpy and the captain kept reminding passengers to keep their seat belts fastened at all times. But it was otherwise an ordinary flight. Logically I know that people are still flying that same route daily so it is safe but I still feel anxious.

I do have some questions though. If the turbulence was so bad, how come it was only reported by one airline? I would think that it might cover a large area. Also, I read on other forums that turbulence occurs on this route because of the monsoon that affects the Bay of Bengal, is there any truth to this?

What I found most worrying and puzzling are the scientists who claim that incidences of turbulence are expected to double by 2050 because of global warming. I would think that aviation technology would have better equipment to track and avoid turbulence by then. Any thoughts on this?

Any words of encouragement, or advice would be very helpful :) Thank you for reading.

Cheers, Yi Lyn

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Wow, those are quite some pictures! I can understand why it makes you nervous.

From my sofa, it's easy to be rational. 11 people injured. The picture looks like an Airbus A380. They carry what? 500 passengers? I guess those were the 11 people who weren't sitting down with seatbelts on. And nobody was seriously injured. Bottom line, everyone survived and the plane arrived safely at its destination. Even the article talks about how rare turbulence like this is.

I'd also focus on this paragraph

Within just an hour, the carnage had been almost completely tidied up and the plane was practically back to normal.

Mr Cross said: 'The cabin crew was amazing in the aftermath, as were fellow passengers who helped everyone around them then in a calm and efficient clean-up.'

And they got free chocolates when they arrived!
But I've also read a couple of articles about how global warming will increase turbulence in the future and wonder if we'll see noticeable differences in the next few years.
PS: Just had a quick search and some sites say the plane dropped 20 feet, another says it dropped 65 ft. One site (CNN) said the turbulence was 'moderate to severe' while another (Telegraph) said it was extreme. I've read that the cabin crew looked 'serene' throughout, while the pilot sounded 'worried' when he told them to take their seats. It kind of seems like the media are just making stuff up here. I'd try not to read too much into it.

Thanks Sarah for your encouraging words. I keep telling myself that thousands of people fly that same route every day and everyone arrives safely so I should leave the worrying to the professionals! :D

I am using the app "plane finder." it shows all planes in the air right now all over the world. So, when I get nervous - maybe because the wetter is bad, I like to look at the app just to see that people are flying although it's e.g raining - and that  it is normal to fly whatever the sky is blue or cloudy:) maybe it could help you, to se the many planes flying the same route as you:)
Thanks Dorthe. Any advice always helps. Thank you for replying :) Hope you are well.

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