Dear Keith and everyone,

We did it again!.. Croatia is a stunning place. I am sure that I have felt less nervous about the flights this time.
I can't believe over these years I have managed to get on a plane. All credit to this website, Keith and this community. It just helps prior to a flight to come here and get some encouragement - it really does make a difference.

I'm not sure if it helps but this is how I manage to get flying!
Never read anything in the media about aircraft problems.

Two weeks before I check out the arrivals and departures for the airport I am flying from and flying to.This helps as you can see that there are hundreds of flights safely landing and taking off and that is only 2 airports in the world!

I normally post a message on here to get some comfort and encouragement from an actual real life pilot (Keith) as I feel a little anxious at this point. This makes me feel a lot calmer. I print out the encouragement and put it inside my puzzle book to refer to on my journey.

Then I focus on the journey only 5 minutes at a time. Packing my clothes, obtaining the currency, getting all the paperwork in one place, buying a puzzle book, putting my fave tunes on my ipod.

Once at the airport, dropping my bag off and then thinking 'no going back - I can do this, I can cope with this, I am going on a brilliant holiday'.

Hundreds of people are doing this now, hundreds of planes are taking off and landing. Once through security I go and buy myself a lovely bottle of perfume and complete a crossword normally very fast!. Once our gate is open I take deep breaths and say to myself 'I can do this, I can cope with this'. On boarding the aircraft there is a lovely smiling steward welcoming you to the flight,again this helps as why would they do a job that is dangerous?
Once the pilot has welcomed us aboard and we are on the runway ready to take off, I just sit and do my crossword. Then once we are taking off I just focus on my puzzle, in no time we are in the air.It is like sitting in your lounge at home with a lovely view of the clouds. The time goes very quickly as the stewards are busy doing their job - smiling as they do.
The descent is an unusual sensation as you can feel the aircraft dropping which is normal and nothing at all to worry about. and there is normally turbulence (uncomfortable but not dangerous). I think to myself ‘in 10 minutes I will be in another country and on holiday’!.. How brilliant is that!.
Once we have landed I breathe a huge sigh of relief, pat myself on the back, and feel very proud of myself for facing my worries head on. I also take a pic of the plane we have just been on.
Then go off and enjoy a big glass of wine!!!

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Brilliant !! You have an excellent plan. If you don't mind, I am going to print out your post as my encouragement for next Monday

Hi Amanda -YES please do print it out.. it helps to have it with you as extra confirmation of the support you get off this network.

Think about the lovely bottle of perfume you will buy yourself as a reward for being so brave.

Sending positive thoughts to you.

Jane x

Well done Jane loved your story !

Thanks Ronnie - I am so proud I have achieved this. Even a photograph of an airplane used to freak me out!

love this...well done Jane

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