Hi All!

It's great to read so many success stories on this site.

I think I am like a lot of people on here that with the help of others I have managed to start flying again and with each time the fear gets a little less each time. I find myself only really starting to feel nervous a couple of days before which I think is a good sign.

I ve got a flight to Madrid on Friday 30th May for a weekend trip for a friends stag do, only negative about this whole trip is that due to us all booking the flights separately and not co-ordinating it correctly we are all spread over the plan. I think this is the first time where I will be flying without a friend or family member next to me. I ve got to admit it does make me feel a little anxious and the old demons are sneaking in.

I have to say that as a whole I am trying to sue this experience as a positive as I ve got a long haul flight to Cancun exactly a month later, and so I am sure this short haul flight will brush away some of the nerves.

Best of luck to everyone on here and I am 100% sure that everyone on here will be able to eventually conquer their fear.

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Treat this as a practise run.

Don't worry about   not sitting where you wanted to be, use it as a chance to see how you can deal with it.  


Spot on advice as usual Kieth!

I ve been quite lucky to be working at British Airways for the last 18 months refurbishing their hangers for the 787. They brought a brand new one in today. Speaking to the engineers fills me with so much more confidence and watching how they maintain the aircrafts. Ryanair isn't quite the same as BA but I can only imagine the their employees are the same!

Thanks for the support and I am sure this trip will be a good practice run for when it comes to Mexico!

Engineers are engineers and i've never met one that wasn't dedicated to the job.

Great crowd of people but I'd never want to be one! Give me the air conditioned comfort of the cockpit not working outdoors in the wet and cold  or heat!


I can defiantly see the appeal I the cockpit, had to admit just doing a couple of hours in a light aircraft had me hooked. If only it wasn't so expensive to do the full license.

Got pretty up close and personal with the Dreamliner today, had to say it's one beautiful looking plane, and pretty impressive too!

I've been retired 16 years and  haven't wanted to get back in the front  ... 'til I saw the 787


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