I'm sorry but I'm really scared I'm never flying again honest. How can going up in those things be safe? Answer: it's not

They fly way too high and if an engine stops, down you go

listen just think about it logically, if I invented something like these plane nowadays people would say it's dangerous

Also think of health and safety, you go with people you don't know and go up in the air steeply and when they turn they could go that bit too far and go upside down

the people you don't know could do anything, they say safetys good but come on think logically it's not seriously it's not people can do anything and other humans can't stop them

This is how I feel

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It's perfectly safe. Don't worry. Look up statistics, you will be surprised. You will not turn upside down if pilots turn too much, because they don't. Today's Planes can do a full 360 roll, but they don't! If an engine fails, a plane won't drop out of the sky. Pilots can glide on one or none engines, and there are backup systems for almost everything. Planes are built to fly, so don't worry! Go out and see the world!

Peter...are you asking for help or making a statement?? cause if its a statement then fair enough fella...stay on the ground

if you are asking for help then you can get it....it might be just words on here...or you might want real professional help.

a few years ago i was planning on moving to new zealand...and when i had a bad flight ...which in fact was only bad in my head...i said to my wife ;thats it' i'm going to NZ and thats the last flight i'll ever take.

Ive surrounded my self with knowledge about aviation...i look at the stats...i read about how things are so routine...and a few years later (i never went to NZ) i decided to stop tiptoeing through life just to arrive safely at death...and start living....i took a job that requires travel...in january i flew over 8000 miles....in feb its only about about 6000 but i've just been sat on a terrance in the cool winter sun of istanbul....watching plane after plane after plane take off from the nearby airport where i will board to go home tomorrow.

i do get a little nervous at take off....of course....but the fear doesnt beat me...and you know whatelse....every flight is the same....it goes up.....you get a meal or a drink....and it pops you back on the tarmac safe and sound to go home.

Good job. So impressed. Still terrified but impressed with you

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