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I hoping this show is as good as this site because I fancy watching it.

The advert made me chuckle as a man jumps out of his seat when the overhead symbols flash up - same as me. 

My partner has just gone to LA with work and he said the seatbelt light was on for 9hrs and he just watched films but even sat in the comfort of my home this thought makes me tense.  hes a braver man than i.  :-)

Please don't bother to watch it ... very little good will come of it if I know these programmes. I was asked to help in the production but was  turned down ... I wasn't prepared to subject people to stuff that doesn't help.


People who aren't scared aren't brave. People who are scared and face their fear ... are brave.



Well...... I took your advice Keith, I didn't watch it. Would still like to know your thoughts on it though.

It was just a series of personal video recordings of terrified  people on planes. In my opinion they were all able to fly so not as bad as a lot of people here.

The supporters were  unable to give the sort of help needed   the fearful flyers themselves  continuously talked themselves into staying scared. There was a film of a military aircraft crashing which was completely irrelevant. Couple of guys from a  well known fear of flying  airline course talking up how good they were and how knowledgable they are ... not a pilot in sight to present the facts.

Pointless and counter productive for anyone with a fear of flying. A typical bit of media garbage about the fear of flying.  I'm angry that they didn't want me to help even after several long helpful chats with them, and mightily relieved that I didn't.

Worse than that I missed a good prog on BBC4


I agree that the programme wouldn't be suitable for people terrified of flying, but for me it was interesting.  I used to be terrified of flying and the programme was like watching myself from a few years ago.  Since joining this site, watching the clips of planes taking off and reading what Captain Keith has written about how planes fly etc., I have learnt to cope and now almost enjoy flying - during turbulence I imagine I can hear captain Keith's voice in my head telling me all is well, and that helps.  I actually look forward to going on holiday now! We flew to Dubai in February, one of the best flights I've been on. For me the programme on TV showed how far I have come, and I really felt for the fearful fliers.  All I can say is thanks Keith for all your help :)


You're very welcome ... and well done.


I watched the programme Keith on channel 4 +1 as I watched the 7 days that made Hitler on Channel 5 which was interesting.  The Channel 4 programme was interesting as I  could really emphasize with what the folks were going through, especially the girl flying with Virgin to L.A.  The poor woman who was flying to Turkey with her husband who was crying a lot of the time.  I felt for her.

Did not like the image of the road with  the bus on it and the plane flying over which suddenly dropped out of the sky and near the road.  They did not have to put that in.  It was very irresponsible of them.

I am off with Easyjet to the Isle of Man in 2 weeks attending an aunt's funeral.  Short flight but still a little apprehensive.  Been on your course and pinged my elastic band around my wrist many a time.  Breathed deeply and fastened my seat belt as tight as I could.  This really helps to feel secure.  Thank you.

Can you belive it, after not bothering to watch it, it was on my fav TV prog, Gogglebox. What was the bloody point of showing the aircrash?

Thanks Channel 4.

No point at all ... it was a military freighter ... thew freight slipped  but this could NEVER happen like that on a passenger plane.


also, I believe that a military departure out of Afghanistan is typically flown at a greater rate of climb to mitigate against possible anti-aircraft fire, thus exacerbating the stall situation. As Keith says, this wouldn't be releveant to commercial flying.

Good point David.  The rate of climb is a function of power as well as airspeed. It's likely that the thrust settings would also be higher than in commercial aviation so not easy to compare directly.

I suspect however that the freight shift was so great that it would ave been uncontrollable at almost any speed. However  it may have been that a lower  body attitude might have prevented the freight slipping. Too many variables to guess at right now. There may be an accident report eventually.


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