Hello everyone,
I am typing this message from the comfort of my home in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have to admit that this place causes me much more fear than the last flight. I made the biggest mistake in my life not getting on the plane from London to New York the last week. I have traveled with a plane before but I thought that I still have a problem, the biggest fear in my life. I was so convinced that I can do this. I was reading the posts on the website, I was watching the videos. Everything helped so much. Thank you. I faced my fear alone and I traveled from Sofia to London ( 3 hours). I can't explain the feeling when I landed. I felt like a hero, I have coped with this. I felt like I have took a huge step. Then I messed everything. The night before the flight over the ocean I got petrified, scared like a little baby. In the morning I said that I can't do it. Then, after the plane took off (without me), I felt horrible. I was so close to do that, and the fear took control over me. I regret so much. Then I traveled 50 hours with a bus from London back to Sofia. In general it was a trip trough myself, I had time to think a lot. Sometimes you have to pass by the hell in order to learn or to notice that the fear exists in your mind.  Now I will try again, the next week, I have to. I don't want to give up even after my defeat. Your program helps a lot. I just need to trust myself more than before. If someone can give me some tricks, I will be more than thankful.

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Hi Ivaylo

I am just off a flight myself and even though I got on the departing flight and coped relatively well I did not want to get on the flight back! But I did, and now I'm Home and proud of myself. My main tips for getting yourself on the plane:
-forget about the flight and think about the destination, what you're going for and looking forward to
-Don't think about other options for your travel, you've booked the flight, so in my mind I tell myself that it's the only way to go
- Be brave! " If everyone else can do it I can"

Hope that helps somehow, I also found thinking about everyone here who has done it!

Good luck



I'm sorry this happened to you, but I think your attitude about trying again as soon as possible is great! And you did get on a plain for 3 hours and felt good and brave afterwards :) Like Stephanie said we should not even think about our other travel options.

I try and plan my trips with straight flights. This is not always possible and I myself have cancelled travel plans due to connecting flights. But we can get over this! I'm sure of it!

Ivaylo, I wouldn't worry about not taking that flight to NY. It sounds like it created a very interesting experience for you (I would even say perhaps it was better as an experience not taking it....).

I did the 'bus' thing abroad a few times some years ago when I go scared. It was kind of fun. I would want to change that now because it's an experience I'm glad I had.

Still, book that flight and go back to London. Stand and watch the departures and arrivals board and see how many planes are arriving / departing, and how many of those are long distance. Your plane will just be one of many within those few hours, one of many many more within the day.

And most of all, enjoy it. How many chances to you get to be in a place where you can relax and not be disturbed for some hours. Get an aisle seat, and if you start to feel panicky, it's easy to get up and take a walk to the back, ask the attendants a question or share your concerns. For them it is very routine.

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