Well after 7 long and depressing years of avoiding holidays, I've bitten the bullet and I'm going on holiday in just over a week. I've handled the thought of the plane quite well so far, but to be honest it feels quite surreal. Nerves are starting to kick in now, but I've had enough of my fear holding me back. It's nice to read everyone's positive experiences and it'd be nice to know I'm not on my own!

Beckey x

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Hi Beckey,

I am not sure If this will help you, but it's what I have been doing all morning - looking into this map of all the flights: http://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2014/aviation-100-y...

It reassures me somehow that so many planes are in the air and that probably I will be ok tomorrow. My flight is schedule to land in thunderstorm in Atlanta and then to take off again in the afternoon on stormy weather.


Congratulations first of all for having the courage to book the flight. Like you I had a long period of not flying and it was a lot easier to just ignore the fear growing inside me than to face it. My advice is to continue doing as much research as possible so come flight day nothing will phase you. Personally I have found this helps focus on the fact it will happen and not just shoving it to the back of my mind, it also helps control the unexpected! All the best. Jim

Hi Lily!

Thank you for this! I have something similar myself actually, it's a flight tracking app on my phone! 6 days until take off and I'm still feeling pretty good about it. How are you feeling?


Hi Jim!

Thank you so much for the encouragment, it's great to know other people understand how much of a big deal booking a flight is! Researching has really helped me so far, and I've got Captain Keith's number in my phone just in case!


Excellent. Where are you flying to and from?

well done 


i love this page becky posted.....its massivly reassuring and when you see it and think of it in these terms we should not be scared.

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