I have been obsessed with learning every detail about flight 447 that crashed in 2009. The details are horrific and are my exact nightmare relized.
The fact is that it can happen at any time, we are depending on strangers to know what they are doing
My fear of flying has gotten to the point I can't go places anymore. The thought of getting on a plane makes me sick
My question: how did so many things go wrong on flight 447? I just can't seem to get past it. It fell out of the sky. 

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There are some really helpful comments on this topic, from all of you who obsess about this particular crash...me too Im afraid! I have never been able to get past it...I literally have to force my brain to think rationally and it seems an almost impossible task. It takes a lot of work, but I am dertermined to keep flying, didnt do so well last year but I think that was laziness in a way, it takes so much effort and strength to change the way you think and to deal with the terror but determination is key. As Keith says, there are no guarantees in anything, not even how your house is wired etc yet we dont obsess about what ifs there. I will succeed, will keep fighting it. And...weirdly...not flying makes me feel sad and more scared in general, not safer at all.

Well done everyone, am going to stay close to you all through the website this year and make that change.....happy new year!

But I'm sure the people on that flight thought they would be safe and nothing would happen...

Lots of people don't know what's going to happen to them today ... what's the difference?


As much as I normally get obsessed with details, in this case they are not details that create fear.

A shopping centre fell down in Russia not so long ago (and this happened somewhere else a few years ago also), the Tsunami near Japan, a horrible coach crash on the news......... but I think we will still go to shopping centres, not worry about Tsunamis, and travel on buses and coaches. I don't mean to ridicule what you are saying, but I am now genuinely wondering if flying is in fact safer than shopping centres......

The fact you remember the flight number tells us it probably only happened once like this. I find that quite reassuring.

 If you thought about every possibility of something going wrong and all the "what if's "which may happen you would never get out of bed in a morning.

Do we ever hear about how many flights safely arrive and land in the media? -no! - just as incidents are so rare and emotive that if any mishap regarding an aspect of flying  happens it is suddenly thrust into the spotlight of the media -if a fearful flier sees it mentioned  this  helps to sub consciously  reinforce their fear that flying must not be safe. Life is for living   not to be wasted worrying about things.

The pilots are so well trained they know what they are doing. They train every six months so in case something where to happen they are prepared to deal with it. Even if something where to happen that doesn't mean that the outcome will be tragic. Think about the plane that landed on a river in America.

Once something has gone wrong with a plane and an accident happened, specialist study it and will make sure that it won't happen again. And in an unlikely event that it were to happen the pilots are trained to deal with the situation.

It is hard to trust someone else, but we have to.

Like Captain Keith said to me stop reading news reports or watch plane crash shows!

Take care!

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