Hi Captain Keith, I'm flying from Tokyo to HK tomorrow and the flight is scheduled for 5 hours. When I flew over from HK to Tokyo last week, it was about 3.5 hours. Why would there be a discrepency? I consider 1.5 hours to be quite a big difference and was wondering if you could shed some light on this.
Thank you very much.
Cheers, Lyn

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You may be stopping somewhere en route.


Hi Captain Keith, we didn't make a stop but I just realised that the flight on the way back took off from another airport. In the end the flight took about 4.5 hours.
It was rainy and foggy today. During the takeoff, the pilot informed us that we might encounter slight turbulence on the way up and we did. The plane was shaky till we left Japan for Hong Kong.
I've listened to your CDs and read your book but I still have problems with anxiety about turbulence, do you have advice for me?
Thank you!
Cheers, Lyn

Yes ... stop worrying so much. You've completed these flights successfully and you still  haven't said how well you've done I think you're setting your sights too high.

Be content this year and next to have achieved what you have. Before you flew I'm sure you would have settled for what happened. Now that you know what happened you want more success!!

What you must do now is spend some time analysing why you succeeded on your flights.How you dealt with your fear,  the things you did to counter them.

Or of course you could just believe me when I say you needn't worry about turbulence.


Captain Keith

ps  now go and celebrate and stop worrying  for a while. You've earned it.

Thanks Captain Keith, you're right. I only focus on the negative and my expectations are too high. I'm going to enjoy myself for the remainder of my holiday :)

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