Hello captain Keith and everyone else


Its been nearly a year since i lasted posted a lot has happened i have had 2 big operations last November ( might need another op down the line) and have recently moved house.


Anyway i am flying this Saturday to Alicante to be honest i have been so busy with everything that has happened i have not thought much about the flight,this is the time usually that i have Keiths book out and the DVD just to re-assure me, my way of thinking is i came through all that surgery so me stepping on a plane now is nothing compared to what i went through.


The pilots and cabin crew are professionals i am in very good hands and if i do get a bit panicky i just remember all the good advice i have read in Keiths book and watched on his DVDS


When i was lying in my hospital bed it was my holiday to Spain that raised my spirits and kept me going a plane is not going to get in the way of me not enjoying my holiday!

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Hi Ronnie

Good to hear from you again, and sorry to hear of your problems... but how wonderful that the thought of sunny Spain was able to keep your spirits up. Well done.

I love your determination that a plane is NOT going to get in the way of your holiday. Brilliant.

On saturday I'm having a day put at Brands Hatch...something I haven't done since I was a lad...so while I'm watching cars in the rain I'll think of you in the sun.


Thanks Keith enjoy your day !

Hello everyone

I got back yesterday the flight to Alicante was no problem and the flight back to Glasgow was good the captain on the homebound flight was very good a jumbo jet below us looked very close the captain came on the PA and told everyone that the plane was no where near us he was very re-assuring he joked the plane was heading to Canada and the passengers  were heading home all skint!


Before we took off at Alicante he gave us a weather report for Glasgow ( tropical Glasgow he said busking in sunshine) he said we were a bit delayed due to enginerring issues ( before panic set in we found out 2 seats on the flight were broken and they could not use them dispite them trying to fix them) the captain said his office in Manchester were on the phone to the Spanish air control to speed up another slot 10 mins later we were taxing. He warned us it would be a bit bumpy over France but he said "Nothing Major" and it was hardly anything at all

If it was not for a combination of Captain Keiths book and DVD and the thought of my Spanish holiday when i was in Hospital thats what gave me the determination to fly.


What great news.

I'm so pleased for you. You did this is because YOU faced YOUR fear...everything else is incidental. You did the work...you take the credit! WELL DONE.


Thanks Keith

If it was not for finding this site a couple of years ago and the book and dvd i doubt that i would be flying so thanks again Keith!

My pleasure


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