Hello everyone

going to be flying again in 5 weeks to Alicante, this is the time now when i dig out Keiths book and DVD, when i do this i feel ok.


But for some reason i have been feeling a bit nervous, i don't know why as a couple of years ago i was a very nervous flyer and keiths book and dvd gave me loads of confidence, i think i just need a bit of reasurance and a kind word from some of you good people here and from Keith himself!


Thanks for reading this!

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Hi Ronnie

You did it before  and you'll do it again. These nerves before your flight are normal...like almost everyone here who has taken a flight you'll soon be saying..."I did it   I did it...it wasn't as bad as I'd thought."

Do the things that worked for you last time...have a read look at the DVD  look at the videos here and make flying 'normal'.


So here's a message with  a bit of re-assurance and a big helping of confidence in you. Take it and use it and don't be afraid of being nervous at this stage...it's normal.


Captain Keith

Thanks Keith for the re-assurance will do exactly the same routine i have done in the past leading up to the flight, your book and dvd.


The flight is 6am so we are going up the night before the flight to stay in the airport hotel, this is 5 mins from the main airport building so i will be able to walk in the airport building and get used to the surroundings and might be able to see flights coming in

Thanks again Keith

Hi Ronnie, believe in yourself- you have done it before and you will do the next flight. Feeling nervous before a flight is quite acceptable - also you may feel excited too- just follow Keith's advice- he is a star,

Have a lovely time in Alicante,


Thanks Elizabeth spent last night watching flying without fear videos and started re-reading Keiths book feeling more positive now!

Fear of Flying


Well done Ronnie, do the things that you know work for you. 



Thanks Pam  ifeel ready for the flight now next Saurday 21st  been reading Keiths book ( nearly worn out by the amount of times it has been read) watched the DVD and watched videos on the forum.


I will let everyone know how i get on but i feel very positive now!



Pam Perretti said:
Great news! If you are on Facebook, subscribe to Positively Positive. It has daily quotes that might just keep up your positivity. Happy Flying!

Ronnie McLean said:

Thanks Pam  ifeel ready for the flight now next Saurday 21st  been reading Keiths book ( nearly worn out by the amount of times it has been read) watched the DVD and watched videos on the forum.


I will let everyone know how i get on but i feel very positive now!



I am back had 2 great flights with Thomas cook airlines, going out was a smooth flight and the capt was very informative i felt very relaxed after weeks of re-reading Keiths book and the DVD and watching videos on this forum.

My wife had a window seat the weather was very good i even swapped seats with her and looked out of he window for the last hour of the flight and even watched us land! the flight home yesterday was fine but once we hit the ayrshire coast it was a wee bit bumpy heading into Glasgow as it was very windy and showery, my wife looked a bit worried i told her tighten your belt, she said sarcastically ok capt Ronnie, i did it i did !!it Keith thanks to you and everyone's support on the forum.


Ps looks like we are going back for a week in September!







I am in malaga at the moment and successfully flew from gatwick , albeit nervously

I did the same and stayed overnight at the airport. Seeing those planes land really helped me. Im sure you can do it.

I also like looking at the arrivals page on the website and seeing "landed" several hundred times, lol,


Hi again Ronnie


What would you like me to re-assure you about?

I'm here to help.



i have had a terrifying fear of flying for as long as i can remember, i'm never worried about the plane crashing or anything but i have a terrible fear of enclosed spaces and heights, i found learning everything about how planes helped me alot and some of the fears i had started to lose their power, also i listened to a hypnosis cd and at first i was very sceptical about doing this but after listening to a couple of times started to really feel the full benefit from it so the the two things combined helped alot when i took my first flight in june, i still had certain little worries go through my head but because i had swatted up about planes i could imediately give myself a correct and positive answer to my fearful thoughts which dispersed them within minutes, the cd i listened to helped me to reach deep inside for the calm positive me that i didn't know existed 

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