Flying on Tuesday for the first time without my parents

The only time I am anxious is on take off. As soon as those seat belt signs go off I'm fine!

But as soon as the plane starts to move away from the gate I panic, and I mean panic, 25 years of age and I turn into a crying baby with no regard to what anyone else on the plane thinks of me or how stupid I look at the time. I usually fly with my parents and they manage to calm me down, but this time I'm going with my younger cousin, and I'm pretty sure shes just going to laugh at me and/or record it on her phone. 

On Monday I am going to speak to my doctor to see if I can get anything to calm the nerves, although I've tried this once before and it didnt really do much. 

Help :(

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Why do some people think that statements like that are funny? 

Idiots get a bigger audience than they deserve. 


Hi Sarah...just wanted to say very well done! In spite of hearing that silly comment just before you boarded the plane you just got on with it and did it anyway.
Perhaps the nerves on your return journey were because you were thinking that you had to fly back to get home and that put pressure on you but when you think about it you flew back, nothing bad happened and you were separated from your cousin but you have arrived home safely and had a great holiday because you faced you fear....fantastic! Bev

Bev, you are right.

There is more pressure when returning because if you can't fly ... it's a long train or boat journey home again.

When you go on holiday, although you're not completely conscious of it, if you choose not to take the flight you just lose the money upset your partner and get disappointed. It's not nice, but in your head you can say  ' at least I'm safe'. 

Funny old thing this fear of flying! but isn't it great when you succeed?

Hard thing is to accept that any flight is success ... you don't have to feel like I do or want to be in the Red Arrows or go wing walking. Just doing it without too much anxiety makes you a winner 



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