Flying on Tuesday for the first time without my parents

The only time I am anxious is on take off. As soon as those seat belt signs go off I'm fine!

But as soon as the plane starts to move away from the gate I panic, and I mean panic, 25 years of age and I turn into a crying baby with no regard to what anyone else on the plane thinks of me or how stupid I look at the time. I usually fly with my parents and they manage to calm me down, but this time I'm going with my younger cousin, and I'm pretty sure shes just going to laugh at me and/or record it on her phone. 

On Monday I am going to speak to my doctor to see if I can get anything to calm the nerves, although I've tried this once before and it didnt really do much. 

Help :(

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Why don't you call me ... 01420 588 628.

Doing nothing will do nothing. Call me and we can do something ... it's free!


The seat belts are an indication of nothing except the legal requirement for passengers to be strapped in for take off.


Thanks Keith, I'll give you a call at some point this afternoon.

hi sarah, if you read any of my history in this forum you'll know i now travel a lot...i'm writing this from the middle east where i travelled to this weekend.

take off is the part i dread the most.....and i have no reason for that.....i sit in the airport watching the planes come and go for a couple of hours before each flight....and every one that takes off im expecting the worst to happen.....which never happens....every single one does the same thing...just some a bit earlier down the run way than others....they line up...set off and lift into the air without any drama.....and 40,000 other planes do this same thing every day.

call Keith....and tell yourself its gonna be just fine as you get on the plane....breathe deep and relax...i know its easy to say.....but then...once the lights for seat belts go out....tell yourself you were right!!

and remember, as keith says...they are not an indication that everything is alright........cabin crew closing the doors is the indication that everything is alright...cause they wouldnt set off if it wasnt!!

I agree, thanks Andy


What really helped me on the last 2 flights (1outbound and 1 inbound) is to talk myself what is happening in the cockpit. Now please don't assume I am an expert, I just go through, what happens on the CD's I bought from here. They are a real godsend.

I feel happy when the crew get the OK to leave their seats and start the food and drinks! :-)

On countdown now to next flight

Thanks Amanda, I spoke to Keith earlier today and it really calmed me down, I'm not feeling as stressed as I usually am at this point. We went through every "doubt" that goes through my head like the noises and the feelings at certain points during the take of and it really helped, I've wrote them down and I think it might help me by letting my cousin know why its so bumpy or what that noise was out loud even if she doesn't want to hear it ha. 

5 hours until I get to the airport... Feeling excited and nervous at the same time is weird though 


p.s Thanks again Keith, my mother said she was totally impressed at how I was laughing at some points during the phone call, apparently me and laughter while I'm taking about a flight has never been known!

Good Luck Sarah. Let us know how it went

Well done Sarah, spoke to you the other day here via " chat"....have a fab holiday!

I DID IT! Never been more confused though... Waiting at the gate I was in tears, only because a member of staff who were standing outside the gate while the passengers walked in said "theres always a technical fault with this aircraft, its like its cursed or something" to which I said back well that wasnt very considerate when passengers are walking in was it" After the hustle and bustle of getting on the plane during take off me and my cousin sat holding hands giggling the whole time cause we were excited about going on holiday listening to Summer time on our Ipod. When she said look the seat belt signs are off I started to cry, not because I was scared or anxious but because I did it, I got to the no seat belt part and I didnt even realise!!!!!

On the way back however...... We ended up with seats apart because of the time we got to the airport (next time I'm booking allocated seats for on the way back) my cousin told the woman beside me that I was frightened, she said she would look after me and she did bless her, I wish I'd got her number because I'd of really liked to say thank you to her properly. As the plane started to take off I was a crying mess sobbing n snotting everywhere! The woman beside me cuddled me and offered me a sweet, all the way up I kept saying I cant do this I cant do this, to which she said youre doing it pet she was really lovely. Then bang as soon as I heard the ding and the seat belt sign went off I'm cool as a cucumber, the woman laughed and said shed never seen someone go from so panicked to so calm in a matter of seconds, then I explained my fear to her as much as I could, we had a good little chat through out the flight as well I really cant thank her and her husband enough. 

So that leaves me with the question, why was I so calm on the way there, but at the worst ive ever been on the way back?!

It's quite common for this to happen. Don't have time to explain right now  but please remind me soon


ps   WELL DONE !!!

 Waiting at the gate I was in tears, only because a member of staff who were standing outside the gate while the passengers walked in said "theres always a technical fault with this aircraft, its like its cursed or something" to which I said back well that wasnt very considerate when passengers are walking in was it"

 We had the same thing years ago with a passenger on a Jet2 plane, he said quite loudly, this aircraft is really old, it is two shunted together. At the time I hadn't heard of this site and it freaked me out. 

Now it would be different, I would enter into a conversation with them and ask them where the facts are. I believe in the facts, so stop being an ****

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