This is my first use of this website so I have have been entering detail in all the wrong places I think! I fly to Leeds/Bradford with Flybe tomorrow evening. The important point for me here is I know I will take the journey but a few days ago I became very anxious again - could identify totally with some of the other members anxieties. I would love to be able to take a flight sometime beyond the UK - I think part of my problem is I do not fly often enough - once a year at most this past couple of years but even that is progress. I watched a video on this sight last night of a take off from Glasgow Airport and I don't think it was a good idea- brought back all the noises and rattles during take off! The fears of death it brings on yet I drive every day!!

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Actually Lena , it's a good thing to watch the videos and get used to the noises and sights so if you can I'd keep watching them, and as you do notice that your anxiety will rise but won't ever get you to the state where you can't control it. It's getting used to the rise in anxiety and the knowledgfe that it doesn't keep getting worse and worse that is important in overcoming your fears.


And next time will be a little less fearful and so on. Stick with it because it'll be worth it in the long run. And we'll always be here to support you.

Tomorrow morning I'm out but will be in in the afternoon if you want to call me 01420 588 628. That's why I'm here.


ps Good progress with posting to this site too! Well done.
Had to cancel my flight this morning but I honestly don't think it was the flight. I have a very bad cold and cough which had been getting steadily worse since last Friday so was feeling somewhat down within myself. I did not feel physically and mentally ready to travel bu twas forcing myself to go thinking it was just my anxiety about flying. I am still an anxious flyer and need to keep doing positive things to overcome it. Thanks for your help and I am still interested in all your self help strategies and courses.

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