Hi Keith,
I feel very disheartened and frustrated with myself. I had great flights to and from Gibraltar around Xmas time with BA and the crew were amazing, the pilots chatted to me and put me so at ease, I trusted them and was really grateful and proud of myself.I am now flying with BA again in March to Madrid but I have undone all my good work. No matter how much I listen to the CDs or read the book I am paralysed with fear. I cant understand why I feel worse than ever before. for some reason I just want never to fly again. I know statistically nothing is going to happen and strangely enough I dont worry about people I love being on a plane, I just know they will be fine but when I am on it...my mind gives up on me, the fear is just so overwhelming it becomes unbearable...the anticipatory anxiety alone is horrific. I am already feeling it and I dont fly until March 27th. Now with this Buffalo crash again confirming all my worst fears..the plane dropping so many feet and then crashing, knowing you are going to die and burn is that the bit that worries me so? Knowing its going to happen, I cant stand it. am so dissappointed with myself, am I a lost cause? Do I need to do a course Keith? Is there one before March? Would it even help? I had good flights the last time so why have I let myself down again?

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Dear Caro

Now the first thing is that you mustn't say things like 'letting yourself down'. You're not letting anyone down. You are the way you are and it doesn't matter why this has happened...let's do something about it. Almost everyone has a setback, what's wrong with that? It happens all the time.

The question is; how did you manage it before? So what happenened last time and why can't it happen again?

It's interesting that you say listening to ther CD isn't helping...but it's not a magic formula, it's just part of what you need to do and to keep doing.

I really would encourage you to come on our course... it'll give you the strategies that you can use. It won't frighten you, it won't un nerve you because we won't let it but what we can do is get you to control your anxieties and feelings. Have a look around the forum where I say what we do on the course, have another look at the video and see if I'm the sort of pilot who will scare you or give you confidence. If it doesn't work it doesn't cost....face your fear and come along there's absolutely nothing to lose and the whole world to gain. 28th Feb

Hi Keith,

I think you are right, the sights and sounds course would be a good thing. I see there is one on the 21st March which is a few days before I fly - so possibly that date would be the most beneficial? Will it include a flight? how do I go about booking it and where shall I send a cheque to?
Many thanks again for your support, I cant believe I was considering taking the boat to Spain! Dont let me get away with that!

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