hi everyone, I'm a real bad flyer and flew on holiday today with my family and had bad turbulence and the rest of it on take off and landing,,not good never flown for years,, need help coming home please



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Hi Derek

It's always harder coming home because if you don't take the flight ...how do you get back? Truth is tho you flew out so you WILL be able to fly back but it just feels a hundred times more scarey.

Whatever you did or thought to get you on the flight to your holiday you must now do again to get back. However this will be the last time you feel this bad because presumably you're going to do something about your fear when you get home?

So the plan is to get on the flight knowing that you won't feel like this again...things are going to improve. Now to help you it's important that you try to enjoy your holiday. If you have a good holiday you will be fitter in mind and body to cope with your worries on the way back. If you fret and worry and spend all your time thinking about the flight you'll make it harder for yourself.

Would I have described the turbulence as bad I wonder? If I wouldn't then the turbulence wasn't bad...it was just that you didn't like it...which is very different. You may feel awful but that doesn't make the flight less safe does it.

If I were flying your plane and you were in fear and I wasn't then the only difference is in perception...the flight is safe, regardless of how it feels to you.

I'm happy to answer any questions you send....as long as you're trying to enjoy your holiday. Deal?


Thanks so much for the advice Keith, I have a copy of your brilliant book with me which I will continue to study while holidaying. One thing I was wondering was, is it normal for planes to bank and drop really fast at the same time when approaching an airport? Is this just the pilot lining up for landing? This is what happened to me, really scared me.

Hi Derek


Probably more your description of it than reality. You can't actually tell from what you sense in the cabin what the plane is actually doing. It may seem fast but you have no way of knowing. But you may mean steeply i.e. with the nose down a long way. Banking is imited to 30 degrees on almost everyplane...so that's subjective too. Bit closer to the ground you might notice it more!! We don't really line up for landing anymore than you lineup to park your car...it's just what we do to get the plane in the right place to land.  It's all quite straight forward and simple. No supermen or women needed to fly a plane...just routine stuff after all the training and testing we have.



Keep reading Keiths book remember turbulunce is NOT dangerous its just a wee bit bumpy thats all just tighten your seat belt and don't panic you will be ok i promise.


When your looking around watch the cabin crew at work do they look frightened? of course they don't, if it was dangerous they would not fly every day and do it for a living neither would the pilots.


My best advice keep reading Keiths book it will help you


All the best




Part 2 of your comment is quite right. There are many physiological things to consider with regard to feelings of movement on a plane. On out course we spend about an hour explaining these thing. The accelerations, in the scientific sense of the word are considerable, not in magnitude but variation. It is not something I can easily explain in worfds without writing pages and pages.

The first clue tho is that we're built for about 4 mph going forwards and looking forward.

In a plane we're usually looking sideways and travelling at up to 600 mph and gathering and reducing speeds over a far greater range than you will experience anywhere else in life.


I am in the process of building a site where thru' video audio and other ways I can explain these things in the way that I do on the course. You can be my first bit of market research. What would a reasonable fee be for access to a site that answers everything a fearful flyer needs to ask or know? I mean everything from broad explanations of climate say,  to the details of how we fly an engine out approach, crosswind landing,  panic attacks claustrophobia...the lot.....A site that will answer everyone's questions?





Thanks...that's a very insightful and very useful reply...thank you. Already you have shown me that there are many more things to consider...thank you very much I really wasn't expecting such a thorough answer...I am most grateful.




Due to fly home later today but not feeling good at all. Been awake all night and am starting to have thoughts of other ways of getting home. Never flying again.....D


Hi Derek

The fact is that you managed to fly there...whatever you did ...do it again. Don't worry that you're feeling anxious...it's perfectly normal. What ever you're feeling doesn't change what the facts are. and the fact is that you  flew there....there's no rule that says you have toi feel great about flying. Feelings are one thing facts are another.


What I suggest is that whatever courage it takes you to take the flight that you will feel great when you get home and that will have such an uplifting feeling that you'll be g;ad that you 'took the chance'

The down side of not taking the flight will be that you'll add to the negative side of your thoughts about flying.

I f you take the flight it doesn't mean that you've got to keep flying or that every year now you've got to take a flight...ity  doesn't commit you to anything. But not taking the flight means that at some stage you might have to face this particular feeling again, if you take or think about taking a flight in the futiure.

You can ring me on 01420 588 628. I will listen out for the phone.


Go for it is my suggestion...you've more to gain in more ways than you know than you have to lose.




Thanks for the response Keith and Zsuzsanna, it really helps to have some support, I'm reading the book and just getting myself "in the zone" so to speak, but I will let you know how I come on .


Thanks again...............D


No Buts please Derek.... go for it...you won't get this particular chance again.



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