Hy all,

I'm back after a long period of absence and a lot of mixed feelings past last year about my bad(bad= i felt a very high level of anxiety) flying experience last year in February.

I can start with I did it!! but i have to mention with help....

You can see my story about my previuos flight experiences right here in the forum.

I had my sister's wedding to attend this summer and i had to meet my new born niece so i decided to give it one more try and spend more time with them, i had to choose 3 hours and a half of flying or 3 days driving.

I first consulted a doctor about it and a psichologist and i was prescribed some medication to be calm before and during the flight.

I have to say i absolutely hated the take off, it gives me still a bad feeling but overall i have to say i was ok.

I was able to read, eat and listen music and actually chat with my husband, things that were impossible before.

I handeled the flights ok, i did not end up in any hospital and i got safe from one point to the other, but i have to mention it was the medication that kept me going.

I wish that I would not have to take them but that's what kept me going..

I will for sure fly again because life is short and we should enjoy every little thing and Captain Keith THANK YOU, the site keeps me in the show!!!!

Happy i did it, hapy i saw my family and happy i am thinking of doing it again...

To all of you i wish All the best and be strong...


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That's wonderful news.well done you.

I don't agree that it was the medication...you have the fear...you faced the fear...the medication helped.

Take the credit for what you achieved...then you OWN everything you did.


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