OK here I am again....usual pattern.....but bit better than usual actually as this is the first time I have started to get anxious and my flight is tomorrow morning, normally I am anxious a week before....so maybe this is the start of me getting cured! :)

I am going to accept the tension and fear and breathe it out. Always knowing my trusty friends on this website feel the same as me keeps me calm up in the air...I don't know why it just does. Last time I flew I sat next to such a lovely girl Emma who was as scared as me and I felt no fear whatsoever!!? Isnt that weird? No fear, just wanted to make it ok for her and she helped me not feel like an idiot!

Right....good luck me and all of you out there!


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Have fun Caro

You always do.


and I did.....! I had fun and I flew back in bad winds but still was ok, if only I could be 100 % ok and laugh and joke and not care that is my absolute goal!

End of the month I have another challenge....our work conference where they are not telling us where we are going and we cannot choose where we sit on the plane. this will be tough as I always sit near the front and talk to pilots etc but am determined to do it! We will find out where we are going 2 days before so will let you all know!!!

Thanks to you all my trusty fear of flying crew

PS: guess what Keith - the pilots let me start the engines and turn on the fans hehe get me Captain Caro alert!! :)
Captain Keith said:

Have fun Caro

You always do.


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