If something went wrong what would the crew do? Would they:

a. Tell everyone that somethings wrong but tell us not to panic
b. Try to keep it a secret
c. Something else
also are the cabin crew trained go deal with terrorists?

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Sorry I misstyped I meant to say are the cabin crew trained TO deal with terrorists sorry
Answer c

Ceartainly not a or b

Do you really expect or want me to publish anything I know about anti terrorist training on this forum?

Captain Keith
I learnt a potted version of how staff deal with the threats of terrorism in my security training for being an aircraft cleaner (only on the ground!) and found it hugely reassuring. as was getting to know the plane engineers who worked night shifts repairing the ATRs whilst we cleaned them, I can honestly say i have grown to truly love planes. When they are on the apron! Still a complete weed about flying though. ..

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