So many people are anxious about the take off but their fears and worries are unfounded for a start the engines aren't straining and there's always room to take off despite what you may think at the time.
Our 4 hour CD set covers the take off in great detail, including the sounds you'll hear, and at the end there's a commentary by me during the take off from the flight deck of a 737. Exciting to do, great to listen to.

Captain Keith

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But what about the planes that soon after take off encounter problems due to bird strikes or engines cutting out or rudder issues... why do most accidents happen during take off or during landing? Am sure it will be explained on the course and it is explained perfectly and thoroughly on the CDs but for some reason when I am in the plane taking off I think there is going to be a loud bang and then a fire or the plane will tip and crash. Is that even realistic? Has that ever happened?
No it's not realistic because it's so unlikely. But I can't say it's never happened, I can think of one accident , and that was the one in Madrid recently. I've never been remotely involved in anything like that. know of a few instances where there has been a bang...but nothings happened to the plane. Try to move your thoughts away from 'outcome' to the 'likelyhood' of something happening.

ps Keep asking!
Hi Keith,

I have to keep reading this and reminding myself how safe it is to take determined to get on that plane Friday. Will try to remember that even at a really fast speed the plane can still stop and go back.Have been avoiding reading about the other accidents lately but am pretty wobbly, have told everybody around me to stop telling me stories. I dont know why people feel the need to tell me bad things about planes when they know I have been on a fear of flying course!? Am practising my breathing.I keep seeing the plane we were in in Alton and it makes me calmer.
This photo doesn't look right I think it's a bit squashed sideways!Computers!

Good for you. Would it help if you thought that I would be flying you on Friday? Tell me which plane and I'll hop on it and drive it for you.

Do you know that would REALLY HELP! Yay...I feel instantly relieved so yes please :) Can you fly it and on the way back? I know if...but am actually flying BA so maybe the pilots have been trained by you? That would reassure me too. Am flying from Heathrow at 14.25 tomorrow and back on Sunday 18.35 really hope I can meet the pilots before hand. I need to see whether they know their stuff now I am armed with facts! Am def not cancelling.I tried to contact BA but they havent got back to me, so will go to airport 4 hours early. Am avoiding caffeine today and tomorrow. Mind you it feels like I have had 10 cups of coffee already! Gulp.... PING PING PING PING and PROBABILITY
Hi Caro, its Gez I sat beside you on the course last Saturday, your flight will be ok and so will you, pat yourself on the back for facing up to your fear and flying. I hope you enjoy the weekend away.

Hi Gez!

Thanks for the support, hope you enjoyed the rest of the course. Am going to only think positive, will post on the website how my flight went! Gulp...

Good luck with any flights you might be going on!

Hi Caro

I went to the Maldives in May, long flight followed by a seaplane flight to the hotel, I actually enjoyed the seaplane flight. I would not have been able to cope with the flights so well if I did not go on Keiths course. It was good to meet everyone, hope you continue to fly and get stronger.


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