The most popular but most worrying subject of all for anxious flyers. We always advise people to remember that although turbulence may be very uncomfortable that doesn't mean that it's dangerous.


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Thanks Tom

Yes thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply in such a useful way!

I have to admit sheepishly that I take back what i said about this type of information not being useful to me...

i will remember what you wrote on my next turbulent flight!

thanks again
Wow, what a fantastic explanation. I never realized it, but I did think turbulence was unlimited and could just get worse and worse to infinity. So, when it started, I would get a mental image of it just getting more and more intense until the plane was tossed around helplessly.

But after listening to Keith's CD's, I realized I was thinking of turbulence entirely wrong. It's just a natural part of flying... just as a slight chop is a normal part of being on a boat. If I am experiencing turbulence, it is merely an indication I am flying somewhere... because I have chosen adventure and NOT to sit at home and let fear control my life.

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