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Falling out of the sky isn't the only way that aeroplanes can damage your health.
Airlines claim that the statistics show that air travel is one of the safest ways to move around.

Don't believe them.

The airlines only count the people who die or fall seriously ill while in their aeroplanes. They don't count the travellers who fall ill after they have left the airport.

Apart from the fact that passengers are crammed into seats which are too small for safety, the air on aeroplanes is a lending library of germs.

Here are some more health hazards associated with flying:

1.The easiest way to get tuberculosis is to board an aeroplane and simply breathe in the recycled air. Other bugs are commonly redistributed among the passengers. If there is anyone on board with a cold or flu there's a chance that you'll get it too.

2.The radiation on a transatlantic flight is equivalent to what you would get during a chest X-ray.

3. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT for short) affects hundreds of people every year. The risk of DVT is greater in passengers travelling in economy class, who are crammed into seats that would be a tight fit for an anorexic twelve year old. To reduce the risk try clenching your calf muscles at regular intervals to stimulate blood circulation. Don't cross your legs. Walk about frequently. Also, wriggle your feet and massage your lower legs and ankles. Avoid socks and knee-high stockings with tight elastic. And make sure that you drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks as these can dehydrate the body.

4. The dry air and high air pressure in an aircraft cabin can result in dehydration. The alcohol and coffee they are so determined to get you to drink will just make things worse.

5. The stress of flying is so great that people who have high blood pressure or heart disease are more likely to have strokes and heart attacks while flying.

6. Sitting down for long periods can make your feet and ankles swell - causing pain.

7. When a plane goes up the gas in your lungs expands. If you have asthma the air may not be able to get out easily - causing chest pain. Smoking on planes can cause asthma (and if you travel on airlines which allow smoking you are dramatically increasing your chances of developing cancer.)

8. Pressure on your eardrum can cause pain. (Sucking a sweet or holding your nose and swallowing can help.)

9. Gas expands in the intestine and can cause abdominal pains and exacerbate all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Anxiety and rushed meals can make things worse. To avoid this problem move around; lean forward and then back or get up and walk about to try and allow the gas to move about in your intestines.

10. Trapped gas in decaying teeth or fillings can cause toothache.

11. If the food or water doesn't poison you there is a risk that you'll be beaten up by a fellow passenger who has drunk too much duty-free booze.

Airlines like to pretend that flying is safe.

Don't believe them. It isn't. Flying makes bull-fighting look risk free.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2003

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Yes Vernon, and some people have been kicked to death by a donkey.

Absolute distortion and mis representation. What's the point in garbage like this? The few comments at the end are supposed to make light of it but the damage is done.

Point 1 Utter nonsense it's no more likely than being in a train, or department store.

Point 2 Non sense

Point 3 Which seats are this small? Garbage!

Point 4 Who's determined to make you drink tea and coffee. The air pressure is lower NOT higher.

Point 5 Anybody that stressed is likely to have those problems anyway.

Point 6 What relevance does this have, sitting down for long periods can ease tiredness. So what?

Point 7 Incorrect unless you seal your ears nose and mouth. How can the gas expand if the pressure is increasing see the higher pressure statement in point 4.

Point 8 So can getting kicked in the face at a football match.

Point 9 Once again is the pressure outside your intestines increasing or decreasing? It can't do both.

Point 10 So does not cleaning your teeth.

Point 11 I know of no-one who has been poisoned by water on a plane. Which airline allows you to drink your own booze?


I guess I wouldn't react so assertively if this bit of rubbish hadn't added to the anxiety of people who have a fear of flying so many times before.

V Coleman is better quoted in a comic strip, in my opinion.

Thanks Keith. I've also been meaning to reply to your comment on my other thread. For some reason, since yesterday my fear has dramatically subsided - to the point i'm quite comfortable with the thought of flying. I think what did it was reading people's stories on here, your comments on aviation safety, and before I found this page i found one documenting the crashes of the past ten years. turns out there were 29 last year, and almost all of them were in parts of the world where aviation safety isn't as good as it is here. Overall, i'm a lot more confident now than i was

Good stuff well done, and from now on avoid the media nonsense and you'll find that you will go from strength to strength.

It's never been the media that bothered me really, since i was a child my mum has always expressed she was scared of flying - i don't know if i developed that fear through that at a later age or something else triggered it, but it seems to have occured from nowhere
Parents can influence children when they themselves are anxious about something...but still stay away from the media in all its forms.


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