Hello everyone, i want to share my success story will all of you!!

My fear of flying begun after 2005 when there was the Helios accident and since then this fear was gradually becoming bigger and bigger until i was not able to get on a plane this past year and a half. The idea of planes, airports, packing, making reservations, calling for a ticket or even geting on this side to read some facts about planes was giving me a great stress!! Trust me as many of the people who wrote here i believed at some point that i would never be able again to fly anywhere and since i live in an island this was devastating for me!

Slowly slowly i followed all the advice captain Keith has on this site! I bought and read all 3 books, watched the dvd, watched the videos, listened to the cds and asked all the questions i had basically needing the confirmation from captain keith:)

Last week i decided to do the next step and actually book a ticket for a flight in athens which is 1,5 hr from here. I started reading book number 1 again with the facts and on Friday before i left i called captain Keith. The things he told me and the way he told me these things made me realize that all i need to do is relax and leave this to the people that are trained to do this job!! Well i did that and as many of you again say the waiting before the flight was the worst and the actual flights were absolutely great!! just some light turbulance but nothing else! Also, i was lucky enough to know one of the pilots and thet let me watch the landing which was an amazing experience and everything, everything is under the complete control of the pilots so basically we really have nothing to worry!! We just need to change the way we think about planes and flying!!:)

captain keith, i really really want to thank you for everythig!! All the things you say in this website, your books, dvd, cds helped me a great great deal! Also, the way you present things and the way you talked to me on the phone was absolutely reassuring and i went to the airport and i was calmer than ever before!

Thank you thank you thank you, you are a great man and thank you for understanding our needs and answering our questions!

Have faith everyone we can for sure beat this fear armed will all the information captain keith gives us:):):)

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Thank you!! for sure it is an amazing feeling to be able to fly again!!

When I read this yesterday I smiled and thought of the long journey you have taken to address your fear of flying. Well done.

WELL DONE It was all worth it.


Hi Nikoleta,

Well done on your recent flight to Athens. Great story and great to hear that you were so successful after a long period of fear and worry. You are a shining example to all of us. Congratulations and well done. Frank Edwards, Ireland.

Hello Nikoleta


First of all WELL DONE.........


I understand your story very very well I have been were you are in a word TERRIFIED of everything but, like you, thanks to Keith and friends I have made here I am off on my third trip to Australia to see my daughter grand daughters and new arrival due in 10 days.  


Am I feeling nervous...YES,  Am I feeling wobbly...YES, Am I still going.......HELL YES. You put it perfectly when you said " everything is under the complete control of the pilots so basically we really have nothing to worry!! We just need to change the way we think about planes and flying!!:)" Great post :)



Thank you all of you for your support and kind words!! I am sure everyone that wants to get over this and be able to fly and visit places can definately do it! Just read this website, order the books, dvd and cd and ask questions! All the answers that captain Keith gave me helped me a great deal!!


Hi Nikoleta


That's why we're here.



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