Hi everyone,
Again I'm pretty new here so not sure if this is the right place to post...this is partially my story and partially asking for help and advice.
I've always struggled with anxiety but never used to be afraid of flying until very recently. I'm not scared of mechanical failure or anything like that, mostly because I know how rare that is. I am terrified though of what other people can do. 9/11 affected me greatly. I try to focus on the fact that there are so many people who will do everything they can and even make the ultimate sacrifice for others (see the 9/11 first responders.) However flying now makes me think of how much damage a single person can do. Whenever I get on a plane (I travel a lot) I feel like I'm walking into a situation where one bad person may have total control over whether I live or die. Lately I've been worrying about ISIS and how their sole mission is to destroy things. I am worried about people who have nothing else in their lives building stealth bombs that can't be detected by airport scanners. My dream is to study abroad in Europe, but now that dream is invaded by my fears of terrorism, because so many recent terrorist attacks on planes have originated in Europe.
I am getting afraid that this fear will ruin a lot of things for me. At the same time I don't want to think I'm safe from terrorists if I'm not.

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Hi Hannah,...if you read back through any of my posts you'll see i have a saying that i use often....safety and security in life is a myth...and everything we do is trying to kill us...you might think i'm being dramatic...but we live in a state of denial because we'd never do anything if we didn't....but think about this.....terrorist go for big easy targets that make the biggest statement and cause the biggest disruption to normal life.....after 9/11 aeroplanes were no longer an easy target...but it didnt stop em trying...and failing...sure it causes a lot of disruption....but no other form of travel has the same checks..the same level of security..and the same risk if people dont do their jobs properly...and ENTIRE industry is focussed on keeping you safe.....are you scared if you get on a train?? same number of people......same news coverage....much less security.

fear IS already ruining things for you...most of us are afraid a wing will fall off...that wont happen either.

Hi Hannah, terrorism is a big worry for me too. I just try to think that everyone is working hard to prevent these events. There are threats and the security alert has gone up but that means that they are on top of it and that the security response goes up too. So they will check even more thoroughly. I still worry and sometimes when I see someone on a plane that I don't like the look off I worry even more (which may sound mean but I can't help it). But like Andy said, it can happen anywhere and there are so many things out there that can go wrong.  

hi Hannah.

I understand your fears and worries and I guess most people share your feelings. The question is that although the threats exist, what is the reality of being involved in the sort of things you mention. 

The more you worry the greater the fear will become. It's a hard fact of life that the world is restless and small groups seem to have more influence than they deserve, their tactic is fear. Once fear is established in peoples ' minds, their work is done.  

We continue their work by worrying and getting things out of perspective. By following the simple security procedures we can each, make flying safer. There are more of us than them.


Thank you all for replying. I think the rational part of my brain knows the threat is small and that it can happen anywhere and life is uncertain etc. but for some reason it doesn't help.
Generally I'm not all hat afraid of dying, but for some reason someone else taking my life terrifies me. I hate the idea that there are people out there who dedicate their whole lives to that. I want to make a positive impact on other's lives. This is what motivates me in my studies and work etc. I'm so afraid of people who want to take that away and that they could do it without warning.
I don't even have to fly any time soon but the thought of flying home and back during winter break is consuming me tonight! I don't know how to get out of this.

Why not carry a little of that fear with you ... don't try to feel perfectly safe. 

A heart attack is more likely to take you away without warning. 


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