Hi guys,


I'm new here. A kiwi living in the US, I've travelled alot (in fact with my former work I used to have regular flights from Auckland to Paris). Recently though, the fear has arrived. Not sure why. No current flights booked, but I will go to back to NZ in May and to Paris in March. Trying to deal with this before it gets out of control. (It hasn't stopped me flying yet, but I'm feeling that maybe it is getting to that point.. :s)

My fear is turbulence. Take off and landing for me are exciting, I like them. Cruise, fine. Noises and what not don't bother me because I know that I am not an expert in aerodynamic mechanics and I'm sure everything is fine (besides, I know that dif planes make dif noises, and so assume all is well). Turbulence though. Agh. I know the mantra ("not dangerous, uncomfortable") but I can't help but think that maybe it is dangerous? I mean I'm sure I've heard of accidents related to severe turbulence? Even mild bumps freak me, and severe, well, I've flown into wellington alot and that is always "severe": for some reason I'm fine with that (I think its because I'm closer to the ground, and love my home airlines), but in the middle of a flight (esp at night for some reason) even mild bumps freak me, enough that I'm worried I won't be able to get on the next one :s

Thanks guys!


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Hello Mike


I understand what you're saying...it's as if when you can see the ground or know that you're going to land soon that the turbulence doesn't seem so worrying.


Sure at night   as you're trying to get some sleep and the cabin is quiet any turbulence does seem more disturbing...but I get that feeling too...but I know what it is and just carry on dozing or reading...that's the only difference between us.



An update: I am now travelling to NZ in four weeks. My concerns:


1. Can I actually get a handle on my anxiety before I go? Its a short time and the onyl way seems to be to bail out of the flight - ! Thats the onyl way I can truly guarantee my safety....
2. Turbulence is still freaking me out... I've watched the vids and scoured for info online, but some of it just makes me feel worse ! I fear the bumps and and worry that they will get worse until the plane may just lost control or get damaged!

I really want to go; I haven't seen my family in almost two years, and I miss them alot.. I just don't know how to grapple with this irrational fear though...

 Hi there Mike


So how will you be living to guarantee your safety?  In a bomb shelter with people checking your food,  in an atmosphere of purified and germ free air?

There is no such guarantee. It's a myth to believe that life is without risk. It's a myth to believe that flying poses  a risk to the extent you feel.


Your plane won't get damaged and so what if it did ...it'll carry on flying. Who or what are you going to believe ...me with over 50 years flying experience or .....

Stop grappling and work on the facts. Why will turbulence get worse? why do you you believe that that turbulence is as bad as you believe ....do up your seat belt as tightly as you can. Stop worrying about what might happen and direct your energies to finding a strategy to deal with it, if and when it does become turbulent.


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