I never had a fear of flying or gave it a second thought until 12 years ago when within about 3 months I experienced two VERY turbulent flights which really frightened me and I witnessed a small plane crash where the pilot died.  I was totally traumatized.  I did try flying once about a year later but I had an awful panic attack and had to breathe deeply and keep my eyes closed the whole way.  It was awful and I haven't flown since.  I finally have the courage to try to fly again as my family is having a reunion in England this September.  When I think about the flight I feel ill.  I think there are two main factors I'm afraid of:  turbulence means "we're all gonna die!!!!" and the over-riding fear that stepping onto a plane at all means I'm stepping into my death.  Oy ... sounds quite dire, doesn't it?  I know it's an irrational fear but I feel it nonetheless.  I've read books and watched videos about the sounds on aircrafts, what turbulence really means, and what to expect during flight and intellectually I understand it but it doesn't seem to help the fear or anxiety.  I joined this website to see what has worked for others ... any suggestions?

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Hi Tracey....hey hun dont worry too much....you'll tire yourself out......i knew a guy that done 1million miles....without incident....NOTHING.....no turbulence......no pilot crashing once he's dead....not even an emergency on board...watch this.


be nervouse like me if you cant help it....but dont be scared!!! you'll be reet!!

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