Hi friends,

After my last resignation from flying to London I lost my self-confidence and I am sceptic if I can deal with all these difficult feelings before the flight. I know I CAN but I do not feel as strong as I felt after two last trips I did since December 2008, even there were really smooth and easy. I have never had bad experience with flying. What is a challenge for me is copying with anticipation anxciety. I know I used to think to much about the journey to London...what finally was a reason of my weak emotional state before that flight.

I am ambitious and...I have 62 DAYS OFF from work THIS YEAR which I would like to use to see the world! So even I felt nervous, yesterday I booked the flight to Lisbon in September. I will go with my good friends like I went to Rome in April. The Lufthansa's flight to Lisbon over the Alps with bad turbulence (a month ago) comes to my memory... If turbulences are not dangerous why they had to land?? Some people were hurt...
Keith maybe would you explain me that, please?
Is it possible to train the biggest turbulence in a Simulator course, to learn myself how it is for my body, my mind?

I do want to fly to London ones or twice in June-July - as I would like to participate in a Simulator course with Keith (I am waiting for a setting a date) and visit my friends.
Who would you like to join me in the course?

All the best,


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Hi Daria,
Regarding the Lufthansa flight over the Alps I wonder if those passengers who had minor injuries were wearing their SEATBELTS which would have probably prevented all the injuries to them. The cabin crew would have been moving around but unless the turbulence was very sudden would usually have retreated to their seats . Certainly this happened on the homeward flight from Abu Dhabi when the crew stopped serving refreshments half way through the cabin and put the trolley away. It certainly was bumpy. in fact the bumpiest I have so far experienced in all my flights to date and I have flown over the Alps 4 return flights over the last 3 years.. However, I rationalise it by thinking of being on the back seat of a very bumpy bus and it did cease after several minutes.It is just a part of flying
Keith advises to always wear your seatbelt even when the sign goes off. Also to fasten your seat belt as tightly as you can bear and then tighten it again if the flight becomes bumpy so you are secure and move with the 'plane.
May I ask what are your fears about flying? Have they changed since you flew solo to and from London, when you did so well.
Best wishes, Elizabeth.
Hi Daria

Lisbon is awonderful city. It's a must on evryone's list of destinations.

I'm flying to Turkey in less than 24 hours, a 4 and half hour flight, yikes!!! I, like you, am worried about what might happen during the flight. Turbulence and what comes with it. I keep reminding myself though that Keith wouldn't say turbulence isn't dangerous if he didn't mean it. He has so many years of experience in the air. We, me included, need to start reassuirng ourselves about what the experts tell us and not the media. I don't disbelieve the report about minor injuries on the Lufthansa flight. But, that might be just 4 or 5 passengers with a sick stomach as a result of the turbulence. Or a passenger reporting they felt dizzy afterwards. Who knows, someone may even have had a little bruise on their arm or something because they banged it off the armrest. If 3 or 4 people on a train are thrown about and injure themselves,we hear nothing of it. But because airline safety is so regulated, everything is treated as a priority.

I hope this helps.

I'm hoping it helps me tomorrow. But I have to keep thinking about the positives. There ae hundreds of thousands of flights in the air today. All taking off and landing. My flight will be fine . My flight will be fine.........

Terry x
Thank you... You are absolutely right.

You are already fine. You are bigger than your fear.

I heard from American retired captain that flying is more save than sleeping for 8 hours in your own bed :-).

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!! And I have started waiting for some wonderful photos from Turkey:-).

You are fine.

Hi Daria

I'm not familiar with the turbulence on the Lufthansa flight, but I do recall a flight in the last year where a famous British adventurer was involved and as we say in England it was a mountain out of a mole hill...in otherwords exaggerated! As are most stories are in the press. My advice is to do up your seat belt and ignore what the press say...and what vain passengers want to say to improve their public profile.

Daria we need to find two other people to come on the simulator to get the price down to about £250 each. Any takers out there?

Me me!! I'd like to do the simulator course. I cant do anytime in June but July is empty??
Ok that's one more needed to make it a good day out

Thank you for the answer. Great! I hope we would find a keen pupil very soon.
I can fly to London (I can do that, I will...) in the middle of June or in a second part of July. Is the course at London Heathrow?

Who else would like to be a BA Captain for a while? It would be a priceless experience (for 1/3 of a regular price).
If not now - than when? If not you - than who?

Fantastic ! Look at my answer about my availability below, please.
My flight to Lisbon is in 14 hours at 13.55 GMT...a bit nervous because the flight will last 4 hours, the longest last year. The captain's Keith words come to my memory every hour: 'Nothing would happen to you.'

It is late, I am going to bed even it is difficult to go.


We'll all be thinking of you...have fun.

You made me smiled ('have fun'), I will do my best!
I can't find a place for myself at home, I tidied everything, watered plants,...

Even I feel nervous and have lump in my throat I feel much better than I used to feel before the flight. I am glad I can see the progress.

Have a good Sunday!

I see you've arrived


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