Hi friends,

After my last resignation from flying to London I lost my self-confidence and I am sceptic if I can deal with all these difficult feelings before the flight. I know I CAN but I do not feel as strong as I felt after two last trips I did since December 2008, even there were really smooth and easy. I have never had bad experience with flying. What is a challenge for me is copying with anticipation anxciety. I know I used to think to much about the journey to London...what finally was a reason of my weak emotional state before that flight.

I am ambitious and...I have 62 DAYS OFF from work THIS YEAR which I would like to use to see the world! So even I felt nervous, yesterday I booked the flight to Lisbon in September. I will go with my good friends like I went to Rome in April. The Lufthansa's flight to Lisbon over the Alps with bad turbulence (a month ago) comes to my memory... If turbulences are not dangerous why they had to land?? Some people were hurt...
Keith maybe would you explain me that, please?
Is it possible to train the biggest turbulence in a Simulator course, to learn myself how it is for my body, my mind?

I do want to fly to London ones or twice in June-July - as I would like to participate in a Simulator course with Keith (I am waiting for a setting a date) and visit my friends.
Who would you like to join me in the course?

All the best,


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Yes, I had the next happy flight :-) and I am more happy and proud of myself.

I would enjoy going for next wonderful holidays but at present I am still unemployed and looking for a new job (also in England). So maybe I will fly to London next week and I like that idea, at last (I remember time last years when I went to the UK by...train, I can't imagine I did it!!!). I am grateful for all people (also you) who support and help me to get to the place I am now...
During the flight when we had some turbulences I heard w new noise from the engines (before we hadn't had that noise - the engines worked a bit like tractor) and I am curious what was that? Can me explain that?

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