Hi Everyone

I've read that the most "stable" seats on a plane are over the wing. I read that when a plane encounters turbulence, the passengers seated over the wing are the most stable. Is this true? I am a little worried as for my next flight, I was unable to get a seat over the wing. I am seating about 11 rows from the back of a 70 row planes. Apologies that I don't know the model number, but the economy class configuration is 2-4-2.

Hope someone can shed some light on this. Many thanks!

Cheers, Yilyn 

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Try to think of turbulence as the sensations you get when  on the back seat of a bus .or a boat cruising through the waves .Remember the words Turbulence may be uncomfortable but it is not dangerous and the 'plane is built to take it.I have sat on the next but one row from the back of a Boeing  777 it was fine even during quite a lot of bumpiness flying over the Gulf from Abu Dhabi.Just tighten your seat belt and don't WORRY. Why waste energy on the What ifs Your forthcoming flight may be the smoothest ever.Coming back Delhi to London the seat belt never came on except for take off and landing and it was a very smooth journey- or perhaps because i was relaxed, engrossed ina film i did not feel any bumps .

best wishes,


Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. The logical side of me knows the science behind turbulence but the emotional side is just in "full-on anxiety" mode. I'm struggling to keep the emotional side in check.

Can't believe I'm off to Tokyo in 2 days! Scared and excited at the same time.

Best, Lyn 

Totally agree with Elizabeth there, no point worrying about what ifs.

But I can tell you about my last flight though. We had turbulence for a really long time - I couldn't say if it was severe or not, but it seemed more than normal. I was sitting just behind the wing. When it eventually stopped, I got up to go to the toilet. Someone was in there and while I was standing waiting, it got turbulent again. When I was standing up, it certainly felt very bumpy. The flight attendant told me to sit down and the back row was empty so I just sat down there. Once I was sitting down with my seatbelt on, I honestly wouldn't say it felt any different from how it had felt in my seat in the middle of the plane.

I'm sure it is more stable over the wings, but I don't know that it's such a massive difference that you should worry if you can't sit over the wings. And of course, the plane flies on regardless of how you're feeling.

Have a great trip!

It's ok anywhere in the plane, slightly better over the wings


In a recent flight, we were descending through cloud and had bad turbulence. We did a huge drop and it turfed me out my seat! I was petrified, the rest of the plane was looking at me like I'd gone mad !!!

Fiona  you were unlucky...I never had anything like this in 50 years of flying.

Are you certain you were turfed out of your seat or did it feel as if you might have been or could have been?

The forces required to do this would be quite exceptional.


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