Hi Keith and Everyone,

We are back from Croatia!... The place is amazing.

The flight from Bristol was absolutely brilliant. Everything was on time, we sat comfortably in our seat, I got out my ipod, puzzle book and continued to attempt a crossword as we took off. In 10 minutes we were up and into the clouds at 39,000 ft. The cabin crew were happy and attentive. It's always nice to  hear the pilot as they always sound so calm and happy to be there. We flew over the Alps - very impressive.

We arrived in Croatia in the rain!.. The sailing was fantastic, although yes Keith you are right, it is a very risky sport! I am still feeling the motion of the boat 2 days later.

The flight back was pretty much the same. Although as we were climbing I had a major ear popping, I would imagine this is to do with the pressure - I feel a little deaf. I had a coffee and a kit kat on the flight, I wouldn't even look up before. 

I kept thinking of the thousands of flights all over the world. It's a very smooth operation and look where you can get to!

Thanks Keith and everyone again for your support.

We have been invited to go again next year!...

Love Jelly (Jane) xx

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well done ... again 


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