Hi Keith and Everyone,

We are off to Croatia next Saturday 1st June from Bristol. It has really helped to go and look at the airport you are flying from and flying too, to see how many flights land and take off in one day! And that is just 2 airports out of hundreds around the world. I am trying to think of the next 5 minutes rather than the next 8 days.

In 2006 I couldn't even look at a picture of an airplane let alone visit the websites.

Keith I just want to say thank you for this website, it is so valuable.

I might just look out of the window whilst listening to Whitesnake in my ears and doing my crossword puzzles very fast!.

Love Jelly (Jane) xx

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Well done ... and enjoy your holiday please.

Any worries at any time  just call me  01420 588628 ok ?


Hi Keith,

I think I'm pressing the wrong buttons here... thank you for your support and for your telephone number is is 01423 588 628? I am okay but the report from Heathrow Airport today has set me worrying a little.

I have been on the Bristol Airport website and there have already been a lot of departures and arrivals.

I will try to forget next Saturday for a while and concentrate on getting my work done so I can enjoy the week off. We are all set to go apart from getting the currency. Thank you Keith and everyone here for your support. Love Jane xx

jane brookes said:

 Telephone  is 01420 588 628


Captain Keith said:

 Telephone  is 01420 588 628



Hi Keith and Everyone,

Well done Nina! You did it and must be so proud of yourself.

I had no sleep last night and the flying was going around in my head. I am trying to think of the next 5 minutes only but the media reports lately have made me feel nervous. We have flown to Jersey 5 times over the last 2 years in a prop aircraft and this time its a jet. I am hoping that it will be smoother and quieter. Also this flight is 2 hours 30 mins, but I am thinking it's only like going to Jersey and back again.

It's only Tuesday so I have a few days to calm down. I have packed my bag and we are ready to go.

The nervous feeling I have is like going to the dentist (I do that okay), so it's normal I suppose.

The rain and grim weather is not helping.

Love Jane xxxx

Expect to be anxious ... that's normal ... don't let it take over though.

You've done it before so why should this trip be any different? 

True or not?


Dear Keith,

Thank you for your support with this (again). I have tried to add a reply on the discussion but it doesn't seem to work, I maybe doing something wrong.

Yes - we have flown before and twice in 2011 to Jersey in the prop plane!.

We also took along another fearful flyer and remember laughing in the airport when we saw a plane,

we both said 'don't look it's a plane'...

We are now packed up and ready to go. This holiday is a real treat as we are sailing in a 44ft catamaran around the islands. I am very very lucky.

Thank you so much. I appreciate being able to write on this website, it does give you huge confidence to achieve this.

I will let you know how we get on.

Best wishes and love Jane xx

I look forward to hearing all about it.

Sailing ... that's a bit risky isn't it ... wouldn't catch me on one of those.


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