Sorry if this is the wrong place for this- firstly I had great flights from London to Singapore and connected at siam reap to danang, the build up was worse than the actual flight which was fine, I was a bit nervous but OK.

I am in hoi an Vietnam now and I fly home 25th, someone unfortunately just told me about the air Malaysia flight ( they got it wrong said a vietnam air flight had gone down) ... my husband is on a plane now from ho chi Minh to here so for a split second I thought the worst. I'm worried about the return flights now- as in will I be back to being a nervous wreck on board... although reading the BBC news article actually helped as my long haul flight is a 777 and it said they'd never had an accident like this before ever and they fly a lot!

I don't actually think anyone can help me with this but I just needed to get my worries off my chest maybe- I hadn't thought about the flight home till now although I wished it wasn't overnight as I seem to find that harder

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I feel so sorry for you and know somewhat if how you feel. I fly Monday and an already terrified but the news today sent me into huge exhausting anxiety attack. Still feel terrible. Talking to cpt keith helped, thank goodness he came on. He said he would still fly with them even after today. I can't even say the c---- word! I can't even type it when googling for info. Something that helped a little is looking at and seeing that the plane I'll be on is landing. Not really coping well either as I know next anxiety attack is just around corner :/

I know how it feels. I live in US and in less than one month I am flying to EU to visit my family. I was doing really great, and then again something like this happens and bam the fear comes back . :(

I saw the news last night, before to go to bed, and honestly I woke up in the middle of the night to check the news with this huge hope that they found the plane safe and sound. So sad today...

Now I've calmed down a bit I'm focusing on the fact that my 13 hr flight out was great, no turbulence at all.  Only thing i can complain is they left my pushchasir in London.

I am pretty sure this will make me more anxious on the way home esp at the airport i find hard as its just stressful, but I'm going to make an effort to not read into it too much now- anyone whos been in a vehicle in vietnam will know id be way more likely to have  accident if I were on the road, just need to keep reminding my brain of that.

Just had a look the flight aware website is really interesting. What also helped me was I noticed my route out on a 777 does 45 flights a wk and never had a problem, I think im gonna try and avoid reading too much news on this till they have some facts. All this is easier to say when your flight isn't for 2 wks tho!

If all else fails I find a couple of glasses of wine on the flight help relax me 

hi guys...really scary news i agree and although its all speculation right now the fact is we cant help worrying can we.

this may or may not be the place to speculate but i believe talking about it is the best approach there is.

my thoughts about it is that its most likely terrorism....which doesnt help but it might make you feel better about the fact the plane didnt fail! if it had there would have been an sos...and then all 777 would probably be grounded...but the next days flight on the same route has gone.

we know stolen passports were used...and we now know the plane changed perhaps a hyjack attempt....these details we might never know.

so although the worst outcome seems to have happened.....i think we can still trust the planes we fly in and the people who fly them.....i'm a week away from 6 flights in 3 days (through stupid connections) and will be feeling a little more nervous than i should do....but hopefully by then we'll know a bit we should concentrate on the possitives we will find (such as it not being a plane failure).

hope you're all ok with your trips

Please, always  post your thoughts here .... if the plane was turning back it had either been hijacked or there was a technical problem. Depends where its nearest alternate was. 

I think with this accident it will be a long while before much is known  because the black box will be hard to locate. I don't know if there is any telemetry from the plane that the investigators can use. If it had RR engines the  engineers Derby will have been monitoring them.

I have to say guys that the common sense style you take is very very good. Sure we all feel a bit worried and we all wonder what on earth happened but we have to remember the thousands of safe flight since yesterday.

I'll try to keep an eye on this chat line  but as you can imagine I'm chatting to people all over 

Anything important  enough just call me 01420 588 628


Hi Clare

Post what ever you want to talk about. I have to say that your approach and attitude is brilliant. 


Thanks Keith! I'm glad I got on the plane i wouldn't want to not travel because of my worries. I totally agree with staying positive, I guess there's no point speculating but I wonder if there will be tighter security for my flight home, it seems more casual at some airports doesn't seem anywhere as strict as Europe here ( maybe just my perception!)

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