My first post on here.

Flying to Orlando on Dreamliner in May.
I always get stressed before a holiday, I have been to Florida over a dozen times
but never felt so worried before as I do now.
No rational explanation as it's still months off but I just feel sick all the time about it.
My son is autistic and unable to speak, he has been 10 times too but we haven't been on a flight
since 2009.
He is old enough to cope better I feel now despite his disabilities, however overall I can't stop
thinking about it. Help!

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Hi johnny.

Welcome to this wonderful site. A bit of a Disney lover? I've been at least a dozen times!

The Dreamliner is a fantastic aircraft. You should hopefully notice it helps with jetlag.

Have you been reading as much info on here? I can recommend the CD's that Keith sells. They are also great for putting on your MP3 and listening onboard.

What worries you the most about  your flight?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

The take off and landing are the worst, I suppose that feeling of not being in control. My son doesn't enjoy either but with is autism he cannot talk and has severe learning difficulties.

We have been a dozen times but not for a number of years.

I haven't read that much on here yet but plan on doing so.

The book is also very good, has lots of questions that nervous flyers would ask.

Ive flew to orlando on the dreamliner and it was the smoothest flight ive ever had. I actually managed to relax a little which I don't uduslly. It also seems really spacious which helped. They have some sort of anti turbulence technology or something?

Where do you live Johnny?


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