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Delete Discussion I have been on planes before and only had one dodgy experience but I still feel terrified. As soon as the doors are shut I am a quivering wreck and would do anything to get off the plane.The last time I went on a plane, as soon as the doors shut I had my seatbelt undone and was ready to get off, my friend buckled me back up and held me down! I was a sobbing stupid wreck until I could get off it. I hate looking at the plane inside and seeing just a tube that I am stuck on with no way of escaping and that there is nothing apart from a bit of metal between me and oblivion.
My partner is ex RAF and loves flying but is brilliant and does not pressure me at all. But I don't know how long he can put up with me for!
I have no plans to fly ever again but know I would like to visit places that it is unreasonable to get to by train.

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Hi Karen

There's nothing wrong with just need time and a bit of help, and that's what we're here for. Have a look around our website and get as much knowledge and information as you can about flying.

I think it's safe and normal, you you think it's 'oblivion' of us must be wrong. Be prepared to change some of your thoughts, get ready to change some of your beliefs and expect that it will take lots of very small steps to overcome your fear.

There are lots of things that can help, but first arm yourself with knowledge, our site is friendly and gentle you won't discover anything there that will make you anxious. Have you thought about coming on one of our Seminars?

Keith and the team.
Here's where there is a lot of help/information on our site.

I want to know about


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